• Thu. Oct 21st, 2021

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Take Action Now Even If It Is Hard

take action now even if hard www.janeanesworld.com

It is magnificent to take action now even if it is hard. To take action now means to do what is necessary, right now at this very moment, to get done what needs to be done. It may sound like a very easy concept. It is not always easy to take action now, to start at this very moment to do what needs to be done. However easy or not you must take action now if you want to succeed in life. After all, a reality of life is that sometimes it will be very hard to take action now. At those times, even on the worst day of your life you must find a way to take action now and get things done.

take action now even if hard www.janeanesworld.com

By way of example, let us look at the worst day of my life. My young daughters and I were seriously injured when we were hit by a hit and run driver as we were crossing the street. In the immediate aftermath of the accident all I wanted to do was sit down with my children and cry. However. I could not do that, there was no time to do that. I had to take action now.There were things I had to do right now at the moment of the accident, I had to:

• find my children
• get medical care for my children
• call husband to meet us at the hospital
• make arrangements for my two children who are in school
• keep my daughters calm relaxed while waiting for ambulances

All of these things had to be done and I had to take action now, on the worst day of my life, to get them all done. Life is made up of moments, opportunities and chances which must be acted upon at the right time. Often that right time is now! This means that sometimes you will have to find a way to take action now and move even when it is hard and even though you do not know how or what to do.

There are many different ways to do this. The method I use, I call the Lost method because I copied it from a character on the television show Lost. The character was a surgeon and during a surgical procedure he made a mistake that potentially would leave a young woman paralyzed. He was scared, but he needed to do something. So, he allowed panic and fear to exist, to take over, but only for five seconds. After the five seconds were up, he put on his big boy suit and went to work to repair the damage. In typical television form, everything worked out well.

Today is a good time, a good opportunity to find your own way to take action now and get things done even when things are difficult. The method is not the important part. The important part is to find a method and make it work for you in your life. Pick a method and start using it. If you find it unsatisfactory, pick another. Keep working until you find something that works for you and then use it.

In conclusion, it is magnificent to take action now even if it is hard. So, the question for you this magnificent day is, what are you going to take action now to accomplish, even though it is hard?