• Mon. Oct 25th, 2021

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Take Action Now Even If You Are Afraid!

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Once you understand that fear doesn’t have to control you, you can take action now even when you are afraid. No matter what you are afraid of, you must acknowledge that nothing gets done if you do not do something!

Fear is real and sometimes you cannot make it go away, but you still have to take action now and get things done.

Most people have heard the expression,”Those who can do and those who can’t teach.” I believe that those who can’t do things can learn and then be great teachers. If you are a person who has a history of letting fear keep you from doing things, you can change. You can become a person who takes action now and gets things done. Once you learn to take action now and get things done even when you are afraid, teach others. Do not keep the secret to yourself.

We have all been afraid of things at one time or another. Even the bravest among us has been afraid at least once during the course of our lifetimes. An interesting thing about fear is that a thing that may paralyze one of us doesn’t scare another of us at all. No matter what it is that scares you, you must find a way to work through the fear, take action now and get things done.

A few years go there was an exciting day for the Janeane’s World blog. I used the social media platform Periscope for the first time. I had heard of the platform for ages of course. I do videos on various topics all the time. Yet I was nervous about using this new platform. It was scary. However, I had promised some members of my accountability group that I would go online this morning and ‘Scope, so I had no choice, I had to do it. So, I used a few tricks and created my first Periscope video.

As I sit back now and look at that first Periscope video, I feel good about what I did. I was afraid. I thought the video might not turn out correctly. I feared no one would watch it. I feared the topic would not be of interest. But, none of that stopped me. I pushed forward, took action now and got the video recorded and out to the world. I did it by using the tools I had at my disposal. The tools are not magical, they are not impossible to duplicate. Indeed, the tools you need to take action now and get things done even when you are afraid are free and readily available. Pick them up and use them. You will be pleased with the great things you accomplish when you do!


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