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Take Action Now Because Faith Without Work is Dead — 33 Comments

  1. Thank you for sharing this honest reminder. Sometimes I think we all forget that we have to put things in to action while praying.

  2. this is an inspiring post and honestly i have no answer for your question i will have to think on it

  3. Without faith, we cannot please God and that faith should be accompanied by works. Saying we have faith is not enough, but we need to translate our faith into action. Faith should be strong enough in our lives that it will direct our behavior. 🙂

  4. Thank you for this inspiring piece. It’s a good reminder to act and not wait.

  5. Thanks for the quote and story. I feel motivated to take action to achieve my dreams.

  6. I totally agree with this. I see people all the time that go to church, but don’t DO anything to show their belief in Christ the rest of the week.

  7. So true, good things don’t come to those who simply wait, good things come to those with the patience and perseverance to work until they accomplish their goals.

  8. This is a good point to make and share!! It reminds me of the God helps them who help themselves saying my mom used to always say. Your faith will guide you, but you have to do some moving to get there!

  9. What a good reminder! Thanks! Great motivation for the day!

  10. This is so timely for me. I’ve been working on taking action on some important business areas of my life, so these words are very resonant.

  11. yes, you do have to DO something with your faith. you always have such sage advice, janeane!

  12. I actually have been dissolving my freelance business for the past couple of weeks. Tonight I made one of the toughest phone calls I knew I was going to have to make. (I work full-time. This side stuff was no longer a great thing for me or my family.)

  13. It is horrible how many plans I have for my blogging and other areas of my life. However, they are just that if I don’t put them into action. I’ve got to take it one step at a time, but I have a feeling these plans will lead me where I want to go!

  14. I agree with Robin, wishing for something isn’t going to make it happen. You have to work for everything in life!

  15. GREAT point you made here. Faith is a great catalyst, but it’s up to us to run from there.

  16. Great words of wisdom! I’m a big fan of “Let Go and Let God” handle things I can’t handle without faith!

  17. I like the concept of your article, you are true, we need to work on the things we want to finished now so laziness won’t kick in.

  18. I’m not a Bible girl AT ALL, but I do believe that you need faith in yourself and your goal! Without it, you’re right – you won’t succeed!

  19. Action is a necessary step. Not much happens when we just sit around and wait for it.

  20. We Pagans are very firm believers in Karma. We believe that what you put out into the universe, you get back 3 fold. If you believe in your business, and you put the effort into it, you’re bound to do well!

  21. I was just saying something like this to my Hubs a couple of days ago. A long time ago I heard a story about 2 people. They both had a pile of dirt in their yard that needed moved. The first one prayed for it to be moved. The second one got out a shovel and moved it.

  22. Faith is definitely an amazing thing to always have and also a stepping stone to get where you want to be. It may not accomplish your goals but it sure does give you a head start. I think it’s very important to have faith in something, anything, to keep you focused.

  23. I think that goes for just about anything. Wishing for something to happen isn’t going to make it happen – you have to take action and get it done.

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