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Take Action Now and Feel Fantastic About It — 60 Comments

  1. Great advice! I hate listening to people whine about things. Just work on fixing it now!

  2. We actually had something going on in our family that we had been putting off taking action on for awhile and we finally did. It felt so good to finally do something about it!

  3. Good advice – I feel like I’m a work in progress, I always ‘do’ but then I have like 50 things I’m working on at once. Definitely need to organize a bit more.

  4. Great advice! When I decided to lose weight I just decided to do it. I’ve lost 50 pounds so far.

  5. I try to be in this mode of thought and action all the time. Although I’ll admit sometimes procrastination sets in. I’m a work in progress!

  6. I suppose this means I should get off of the computer and fold that laundry that’s been waiting for me for the past 2 days? lol Seriously though, my issue is I usually have 3-4 things I’m working on all at once, and rather than focusing on one until it’s done and moving to the next, I try to do it all.

  7. I have a habit of not staying focused. You’re right – I need to take action now and get things done before moving to the next.

  8. Such great advice. It’s so easy to talk about doing things, but why not do them instead.

  9. I have to get in this mode. I am in a situation right now to do just this-needing to, I mean.

  10. I totally agree with this “A person who is serious about getting something done, finds a way to make it happen.” I think if we want something bad enough, we always find a way. I know I do.

  11. This is so true! It is important to take immediate action!

  12. Thank you! No more whining and complaining, just doing! Love it!

  13. I always look forward to your great motivating quotes! Thanks again!

  14. I annoy even myself when I just talk about something and don’t follow through. It would be great to think I could inspire friends, family and coworkers by acting!

  15. I’m always looking for a new place to be published or a way to grow my blog. Always looking onward and upwards!

  16. I read once that the greatest crime mankind has committed is killing time. I believe this is really true especially when you consider how important time is. Time is so precious. Once it is gone, it is gone forever. There is nothing we can do to take it back. I really hate procrastination but sometimes I find myself guilty of this.

  17. Procrastination only delays the feeling of accomplishment so take action now.

  18. I try to focus on one new thing at a time or get overwhelmed. Your advice is excellent though. Stop the procrastination and just do it!

  19. I’ve been trying something new myself. So, far so good.

  20. I really need to do this with certain things I’ve been procrastinating on.

  21. This is such a relevant tip for all sorts of situations. As a journalist, it always bothers me when people complain about a paper not covering something they think is important. I always challenge them, asking if they wrote to tell the paper, and the response is always the same – I never thought to do that. If we want to see change, no matter in what area, we need to be the ones to take action.

  22. These are some great points. I realized just the other day that I wasn’t getting things done around the house because I had all these “excuses”. So I decided to take action and just do a little bit everyday so it wasn’t too overwhelming. thanks for these tips. 🙂

  23. I’ve done this at my day job (which happens to not be my blog.) I’m seeing results, and I think I’ve managed to impress a few co-workers (since I’m new to the job) by acting on what I say I want to to do.

  24. Goodness, I have a long list of things to do, sometimes it is hard to find the time. I try to do at least one thing a night.

  25. I always like to have a plan of action. It’s better to act than be apathetic.

  26. I am very bad about procrastinating things I don’t really want to do. I have been working at it but it is hard.

  27. Putting progress off is not a good thing! I’m trying to be better at attacking my list of to-do’s.

  28. Great post. This is why my word for both last year and this year is “Do!”

  29. I’m a recovering procrastinator so this is a good reminder for me.

  30. It does feel good when you just DO it and get it over with. I tell friends and family often to just do it, but need to take that advice myself.

  31. I love the quote and I also love being known for getting things done. I hate things hanging over my head.

  32. yes. actions do speak volumes. or, in turn, lack of action

  33. That’s me, my motto is Just Do It, from the Nike people. I can no longer just sit idly by, I have to make my mark in this world!

  34. Great idea, I love this. It goes along with my favorite saying “actions speak louder than words”. I like the idea of just doing! Thanks 😉

  35. I paid a friend to write my bio. I wanted done and sometimes time is money!

  36. We all have those people in our lives. I call them the planners. Always planning never doing…

  37. So true! I find that my own blog improves as long as I keep chugging along, as for things I want, and get it all done ASAP. I’m done waiting for “someday” – it’s gonna happen NOW!

  38. I do planning and have really tried to take action on almost all of them.

  39. This is so good! I know I have been guilty about talking about the “someday” This year has been such an action packed year of “TODAY” The ball is rolling and it is hard to keep up. But it’s awesome.

  40. Great advice! I totally agree that there is no time like the present to get moving and do something!

  41. I am definitely a take action now when it comes to my blog. I always want to add everything right away and then some how end up with a huge list of to dos (like I have now). This definitely motivates me to start checking some of them off my list.

  42. I have been so overwhelmed lately so this read comes at a great time for me. Thanks!

  43. Thank you for this good reminder. It is easy to get overwhelmed with all my blogging plans and goals, but if I don’t start taking (even small) steps toward achieving them, I will never get anywhere.

  44. I am going to accomplish cleaning my home, making dinner, and finishing my real work online! I can do it!

  45. I’m doing pretty good with this today! I’ve checked quite a few things off of my To-Do list. 🙂

  46. I hate it when you hear that one person saying over and over again how they’re going to do x. Just do it!

  47. People Talk & Talk But Most People Don’t Do What They Say!! It’s A Shame!

  48. After wanting to get back on the “healthy living” bandwagon since my son was born in December, today is Day 1 for an online boot camp I’m doing. I’m excited and motivated to see some changes!!

  49. Actions speak louder than words. Let’s see how many are motivated by this!

  50. You’re spot on. If you are serious about making changes, why wait?

  51. It is good advice and sometimes a lot harder to do than to say.

  52. Yes it’s best not to wait around for the “best time” to do things because that time will probably never come. Just get up and do it now! 🙂

  53. I tweeted your quote. This is really great advice! Thank you!

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