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Take Action Now to Find Out the Next Step



It is magnificent to take action now because action leads to the next step to take to reach your goals. In science, there is a principle called inertia. It is that a body at rest tends to stay at rest and a body in motion tends to stay in motion unless acted upon by some outside force. In other words, if you are sitting around doing nothing, you are likely to keep sitting around doing nothing. If you are up, moving and in a take action now state of being,  you are likely to keep moving, taking action and accomplishing things. Part of what happens when you are up and in a take action now state of being is that you accomplish things and each thing you accomplish, shows you the next step in the process. It is important to take action now because the action guides your steps literally and figuratively.

Think about when you are walking down the street to run an errand. Before you leave your house, you have a plan. You know the steps in the process and the end goal – making deposits at your local bank. Now of course you could do this online or with your smart phone, but you do it in person to help cement connections with your local banker.  As you walk down the street, you may find there is a construction project taking place someplace in the middle of your route. So, you will have to adjust your route. You may have to walk on the opposite side of the street for part of the journey. In other words, you action showed the next step o take to reach your goal. You being in a take action now state of mind enabled you to learn that your plan needed to be amended and changed.


Take action – today’s steps determine tomorrow’s path.


 Look at running your business the same way. No matter how well you plan and how many contingencies you take into consideration, you need to take action now in order to get a clear view and understanding of the things that should next in line and in life. When you take action now in business you find out if a supplier has filed bankruptcy. When you take action now, you learn that the contact you had at a potential partner’s company was fired for embezzlement. When you take action now you learn what resources are  still viable and which plans needed to be adapted, changed and scrapped all together. When you take action now you are in a better position to see what action should come next and thus better able to continue to take action now in the appropriate manner.



In conclusion, it is magnificent to take action now because action shows the next step to take to reach your goals. So, the question for you this magnificent day is, what action will your action show you needs to happen next?

Janeane Davis

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  • A lot of good advice here. I tend to be a procrastinator but that is something I am working on.

  • I have to agree success follows action and we can't be indecisive.

  • Awesome post with some great advise! We have to take the steps in order to achieve our goals nor matter how small they are. Love your blog!

  • Your positive outlook in life is very infectious and inspiring.

  • Very true that if we take steps now it has an impact for our future. What I want to start doing is start eating less and start exercising.

  • I really need to TAN with eating healthy. One small misstep is all it takes to throw things off for me.

  • You're right. Sometimes it is easy to just stay stuck rather than taking that first step.

  • Take action so we won't live in regrets of the things we failed to do.

  • it is good to go for something you really like with passion. Just proceed, no regrets :)

  • I love this post! I sometimes put off taking action, waiting for the right moment, until that moment is gone

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