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  1. Yes! I recently revived my personal dream. I came to the realization that I am worthy of it. I see other people doing what I want to do and I DECIDED that I can achieve my dream, and that it has nothing to do with anyone else giving me permission or making it happen for me. It’s about believing in myself and then doing the work from that mindset. And I feel excited!

  2. Oh, I use my China and crystal. Now I need to use that same principle to follow my dreams. Thanks for the inspiration.

  3. Even a small step toward your dream is better than doing nothing. I wouldn’t even know what to do with fine china. LOL

  4. Love the comparison to fine china. Go for it, chip it if necessary!

  5. I love this post! You can hope & dream & wish for things….but unless you have a plan and actually take the steps it takes (and often it’s years of baby steps chugging along), then all your dreams will be is just that…a dream.

  6. This is something so important for all of us to remember. Following our dreams requires more than just dreaming the day away…it requires action!

  7. I’m working hard at accomplishing one of my dreams – i graduate college next spring!

  8. my dream is and always has been for my son to live a happy and healthy life

  9. I love your writing and I tweeted this too. WHo doesn’t dream. I love to dream and then think about them the next day!! some good some not so good.

  10. I’m all about living dreams. That’s why I started my Fearless Friday topic. Thanks for inspiring me on a Tuesday. 🙂

  11. I think it has to be a balance of both. The journey does count for a lot, but it helps to be pointed at the right destination!

  12. That’s such a great quote!! I need to be better about more actively pushing towards my dreams.

  13. I definitely think you should follow your dreams! Thanks for sharing!

  14. we have many of those, esp my mother whom does that a lot, well as least what we did was to display them and used them in a very special occasion.

  15. I agree that taking you’re dreams out every once in awhile and actually trying to achieve them. Yet on the other hand I think there are some dreams that need to be retired back to the china cabinet because the act of trying to reach them may not be what’s in the cards at the moment.

  16. great encouragement here, I believe in following your dream I pray about it 1st to see if it’s God’s will for me and my family before jumping in!

  17. I believe in chasing your dreams. Nothing happens if you just dream about it and not take action to make it happen.

  18. This is a great post and it’s the perfect time of year for this message! I’m excited about making awesome things happen this year and am starting to make it happen.

  19. I’m so happy to be able to read this and say that I’m living my dream. For the longest time I couldn’t wait to be a wife and mother and it is more than I ever dreamed of…I take these roles so seriously and I put my all into them. Thanks for sharing this post with us!

  20. I have really worked hard on keeping my dreams in site this year and it seems to be working for me. I can see myself getting to the places I had hoped for.

  21. Ha! I always wondered why people HAD China that they never used except maybe once a year. Crazy, huh? Same with our dreams I guess! We really need to get a move-on!

  22. I’m working harder on making my dreams a reality in 2014. I know I have to take action if I want to have the life I want, so that’s what I’m focusing on.

  23. I have dreams and goals. Since I am a writer I feel that I am living my dream.

  24. I am a dreamer and every day, reality shows me that the bigger I dream, the more I can achieve!

  25. I hear you with people and their chinas. I mean, why spend all that money just to let it sit and not being used? Anyway, this is something I can use and do something for change in my life to be able to achieve whatever dreams I have right now. I need to do something. Thanks for this.

  26. I love your fine china quote. It’s so very true!

  27. I don’t believe in owning things that never are used. Either they are meant to be used and enjoyed, or what is the point in owning them? We are working very hard to realizing our goal of being fully self employed and relying only on that income.

  28. Great post and so appropriate for the day!! MLK had a dream and with perseverance it became a reality!! Great reminders!!

  29. I have dreams – and goals. I think I was forced to follow a few dreams last year when I was laid off from a job I wasn’t 100% happy with. And now I’m achieving many more goals. It’s a good feeling.

  30. What an appropriate post for MLK Day – he had a dream and his dream becomes more of a reality every day. It’s important to have dreams, to aspire and to make the impossible, possible.

  31. What a thought provoking post! I think about my goals a lot but I know im long on the planning and have a tough time finally executing them.

  32. My Dream Is To Make A Descent Living I’m NorGreedy Just Enough To Pay My Bills & Little Extra!!

  33. Love this quote. Too many times I think that people don’t want to always put in the hard work it takes to make dreams come true.

  34. funny you say this. a few months ago we started using the china – and the silver baby cups- regularly. i thought WHY are we storing these to never enjoy them?

  35. I think my dreams are definitely out the china shop. I’ve been following them and taking them for a spin lately. You’re never too old to follow your dreams.

  36. I love this. It is never too late to follow up on dreams and take action.

  37. My dreams are real! I need to work on them becoming a reality.

  38. I’ve been thinking a lot about this recently and I plan on making and continuing to improve my life this year in every possible way. Great post!

  39. I’m always working on my dreams, but I keep them realistic. I can always dream higher if I reach the dreams I have now.

  40. I love the comparison of dreams to china… and this year has become about taking the china out of the cabinet for me. I put aside many of my dreams for motherhood and married life, but it’s time to reclaim them.

  41. I have many dreams, but I really don’t think I can make them happen now as much as I would like to! The timing just isn’t right for me….sigh.

  42. It’s always good to start working towards your dreams and don’t let them just sit on a shelf!

  43. I have dreams and will keep dreaming. Building my own business is the first step!

  44. I have goals, but I try not to “dream.” Life is happening every day, whether I’m acting on a dream or not, so live each day to the fullest.

  45. I may be in the minority, but I think that dreams,like the china, need to be used everyday. If you only work on your dreams once in a while, when the time is right, you really won’t get far. Everyday should be a “for good” day!

  46. My dreams are real. Every day I am living my dream though – being a writer. IN all honesty, every single one of my dreams come true … I still have a few left on my vision board but they are slowly coming to me. I love dreams coming true! I believe if you believe then all will happen eventually!

  47. I’m so with you on both journey and destination mattering. Quite frankly, there’s a lot of my journey that was instrumental in getting me to a good place, but I’d like to forget the journey ever happened. I’m comfy in the destination!

  48. This year I am determined to follow through with my dreams and goals. I am focusing more on finishing my degree and getting my health on track. I want to work our regularly and eat right!

  49. Well said! It is both that matter!
    Today makes up our future and tomorrow is full of promise 🙂

  50. I think my dreams today are out of the china closet. My health is getting better, I’m growing my business. Life is good right now!

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