• Thu. Oct 21st, 2021

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Take Action Now and Get Covered America


It is magnificent to take action now and get health care insurance and Get Covered America can help. It is a fact of life in America that everyone needs health insurance at one time or another. In my family over the course of the past six months, my husband was just hospitalized with a major medical problem, I needed a flu shot, my teenie bopper needed a medical exam for college, my son hurt his ankle at school, my twins had medical issues of their own. If we did not have adequate medical insurance all this treatment may have been cost prohibitive. Have you any idea how much six days in the Intensive Care Unit costs? A lot!  That is why  Get Covered America is a great option.

No matter what your religion, political affiliation or opinion on how health care should be provided, one cannot deny the importance of health insurance. This article is written with those who could benefit from Get Covered America’s services.  Did you know that more than 1 in 6 Americans don’t have health insurance?  Other staggering statistics:  1 in 4 Hispanics are uninsured; 1 in 5 African-Americans are uninsured and 1 in 4 young adults are uninsured higher than any other age group. Most are uninsured because they do not receive coverage from an employer, cannot afford coverage, or were previously denied insurance due to a pre-existing condition. The uninsured are exposed to significant financial risks from medical issues, accidents or emergencies. Even young and healthy individuals are at-risk. One trip to the emergency room for a broken arm or a bad ear infection could cost thousands of dollars.

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I am so happy to be working with the Ad Council and Enroll America to raise awareness about the Health Marketplace and the financial assistance available. Many of your readers may be unaware of their health insurance options or the March 31st deadline to enroll, so we hope you can help spread the word. If you need health insurance coverage and are having trouble getting it, the following information is just what you need to take action now and get the health insurance you and your family need.

  • How do you enroll? Visit GetCoveredAmerica.org to learn how to enroll in health insurance  and to get answers to common questions. The site’s content is also sharable via Facebook and Twitter at Facebook/GetCoveredAmerica and Twitter.com/GetCoveredUS.
  • What if I can’t afford health insurance? Use  the “Get Covered Calculator” to see the estimated monthly cost of  insurance and to determine if you qualify for financial help.http://www.getcoveredamerica.org/calculator/ (Here’s an embeddable  version of the cost estimator:https://www.getcoveredamerica.org/calculator/embed/)
  • What if I’ve been denied health insurance before? Under the new health care law, you cannot be denied coverage because you are  sick or have a pre-existing condition.
  • What if I need help? Experts are on hand, by phone, online or in-person, to help the uninsured find a plan that’s right for them. Enroll America’s more than 250 employees, and more than 16,000 volunteers, will be available to follow-up with consumers who need additional information or assistance. http://www.getcoveredamerica.org/locator/


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I have four kids, that means I am at the doctor’s office on a regular basis with either regular check-ups or emergency visits for a fall, twisted ankle or strange unknown disease. Good affordable healthcare means that I show up at the doctor’s office when I should rather than making my children suffer until things get critical. If you do not have good quality health insurance for your family, take action now and contact GetCoveredAmerica.org.

If you want to talk more about Enroll America and your options under the (ACA) Affordable Care Act join one or more of the upcoming the twitter partties:

March 10, 2014 1pm to 2 pm – this party will focus on insurance issues for Millennials

March 11, 2014 1pm to 2pm – this party will focus on issues specific to Latinas

March 18, 2014 1pm to 2 pm – this party will focus on issues for moms and have a special focus for young moms

The parties will be hosted by @JusticeFergie along with @GetCoveredUS. To join the party, follow hashtag  #TakeCareChat.  I look forward to seeing you there and chatting with you.

In conclusion, it is magnificent to take action now and get health care insurance and Get Covered America can help. So, the question for you this magnificent day is, do you have adequate health care insurance coverage for your family?