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  1. I’m very disappointed in how everyone HAS to have healthcare. I do see the need for everyone having it but for those that have a hard enough time living from pay check to pay check because they don’t qualify for state or federal benefits due to their income being on the borderline of income qualifications – this mandatory healthcare causes a great hardship to these individuals and families.

  2. We have insurance through my husband’s work, I realize not everyone does though.

  3. Thank You For The Helpful information!

  4. Great info- we’re lucky to have good health insurance!

  5. Obamacare is a disaster. Our doctor won’t take it, our insurance premiums are up 15% and our coverage is worse than it was before. I’m still trying to find anywhere in the constitution where we’re promised government run health coverage. I hate it. Every part of it…

  6. Great information. We have been getting together lists to get the best coverage for my family.

  7. I’ve heard that the affordable health act doesn’t cover dental! I get it through my work though 🙂

  8. This is definitely great information to know. We just never know what could happen no matter how secure we all are. 🙂

  9. We’re fortunate to have excellent health insurance through my husband’s job. This info is great!

  10. Great information! My insurance is provided through my job and my number one priority is to make sure I always have insurance through work! However, you never know what may happen!

  11. Thanks for the step by step. I definitely agree that regardless of religion, race etc everyone needs to have insurance. I’m thankful that we have it- but I know of friends that have been able to get insurance thanks to the new Health Care Reform

  12. I am so glad we have insurance through my husband’s job. That will be a main priority when I job search this summer.

  13. Thankfully we have medical insurance through my husband’s work.

  14. There’s truth in some of those silly phrases we’ve all heard, and the one that comes to mind is “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” There was no reason for the federal government to mandate an insurance program. And boy do they love to mandate. The stats on uninsured people do not speak for its availability to these people. I’ll tell you first-hand because I’ve lived through three phases of life: Uninsured and applied for charity care at the ER (where you are NEVER turned away), Full-time employed with insurance that I paid for monthly, and Medicaid with an HMO due to low income level. And since I have been there personally, I can back up my claim that the ACA was not as needed as they would like you to think. However it’s a fact of life in current America, so it was good of you to provide information on the topic for those who are dealing with it. Also no shortage of comments here, so people are clearly interested in this discussion.

  15. Luckily we have great health insurance through my husbands company.

  16. Thank You The Great Information And The Helpful Websites!!

  17. I wish Obamacare did not ruin it for the middleclass who already pay $600+ fro insurance! Now our rates has gone up and benefits down!

  18. Thanks to the ACA I was able to get individual insurance for the 1st time in years. As a single mom I feel like clapping every time I mail in my check every month because it feels like SUCH a gift to be able to have this coverage. Very thankful to all who are spreading the word and sharing resources about how to get coverage. Thank YOU


  19. Thankfully we have always had good insurance through work. It’s defnitely something I have always been thankful for.

  20. I don’t have health insurance. We’ve tried everything but it’s just not feasible for us to pay for it at this point.

  21. My hubby’s insurance is through work, it is not the greatest but he has no choice because that is what they offer

  22. Fortunately, we have good insurance through my husband’s work. Otherwise, I would be on this now!

  23. Health insurance is super duper important. My mom had insurance, but found out it only covered up to $100,000. She had to stay in the hospital a week for an infection and now is footing a big bill because it was over the annual limit.

  24. It is so important to have health care coverage for your family.

  25. Health care insurance is one thing that every family should have.

  26. I cover my whole family, but we’re looking into switching to my husband’s this week. It’s exhausting!

  27. Thanks for sharing. This is so important!

  28. It’s important to make sure your family is protected.

  29. Thankfully we have coverage through my husband’s company. I can’t imagine how scary it would be to have a family that does not have health care. Great info here! Thanks for sharing!

  30. Thankfully, we are covered through my husband’s work. However, the coverage isn’t that great. I just keep fingers crossed nothing major happens where we can’t afford the deductibles and copays!

  31. We have decent health care coverage for our family, thankfully.

  32. We as a family don’t health insurance. My husband is self employed and most insurances are through the roof for us(we have 9 kids). May have to check out stuff. I’ve thought of looking into Samaritan Ministries though(Christian healthcare).

  33. Wow. I had no idea that there was a March 31st deadline. Thanks for sharing info about what we need to do and how we can take care of it.

  34. I am so freaking thankful for my mother’s insurance. It covered my EKG, CAT Scan, MRI, and all kinds of icky blood work last semester. It runs out when I turn 26 though, so I have no idea what I’m going to do then. :/

  35. Thanks for the info, I don’t have health insurance but in my town there are many options to get financial aid for various things and when I do get married in 2015 I will be covered under my fiance’s plan so for now , my using the various grants and sliding fees at local facilities keeps me healthy. I just don’t have the extra cash for my bills never mind health insurance for myself. Kids get covered under their Dads so they are set.

  36. Thank you for sharing this information. More and more people are really looking into what options they have.

  37. I don’t have health insurance so I really should take a look and see if there’s something I can into that’s still affordable.

  38. thanks for the resources! I thought the financial calculator would be especially helpful!

  39. great information to have. I will definetly check it out!

  40. Thank you for sharing this information. Everyone deserves health care that they can afford.

  41. Thanks for sharing this information! It’s so important for everyone to have accurate information, especially with so much incorrect info that gets shared these days!

  42. Thanks for sharing this information! All the mis-information in the media has made this a disaster.

  43. Everyone should have the right to adequate health care and the obstacles to obtaining it in the US are outrageous. Hopefully, programs like this weill be a viable option for people who really need it. It’s really great to get the word out on a new insurance option.

  44. We do have health care for our family but we pay $470 a month for it through my husbands work. We still have copays and last year my son was hospitalized for 4 days and my husband had surgery. I found how much our insurance doesn’t cover. We are so insurance and health care poor and we have coverage. 🙁

  45. Great information and site. I have to log on to use that calculator.

  46. Great information! It is vital that everyone find the right insurance company for you never know what can happen health wise!

  47. It is very good to have a great insurance. Thanks for the info.

  48. We don’t have health insurance through my husband’s work and the obamacare was just too expensive! I am going to have to look into this!

  49. We do have adequate health care for our family, we have amazing coverage. But so many people don’t.

  50. It’s true that health care is extremely important. Everyone needs coverage. It’s terrible to hear of stories of families who are now homeless or otherwise suffering because of a huge medical bill that wiped them out.

  51. I thank my lucky stars that we have great insurance. So thankful for that.

  52. Luckily my husband gets good insurance for us through his employer. For a number of years we had to pay for our own insurance. That was crazy expensive for a policy that even had a huge deductible.

  53. My parents always said if there is one thing you cannot afford to go without it is insurance! Luckily, my husband’s company has provided great healthcare insurance for years!

  54. Life is unpredictable. Anything can happen and no matter how hard you try to prevent accidents or physical illnesses, some things are just inevitable and it is only a matter of time before it will come. Thus, getting insured will surely help us cope up with life’s challenges. Thanks for this timely reminder Janeane. 🙂

  55. I am just grateful that we are covered through my spouse. Grateful that I got covered as a domestic partner when I first lost my job a few years back!

  56. one thing my parents ALWAYS instilled in us was to always have at least catastrophic insurance. it frightens me that so many go without.

  57. This is a great message to share. I know we depend very much on having quality health insurance, even though we love if we do not have to use it. It’s one of those things you’re so so so glad to have when you need it.

  58. This is such a sensitive subject! I think it is a must though, we have used it for basic needs like having a baby or just sick kids, but my mom has cancer and I cannot imagine adding the stress of being uninsured to that situation.

  59. Health care can be a touchy subject but it is so important to have. My daughter has several chronic illnesses and is always at the doctor. I can’t imagine if we were uninsured.

  60. Very inspiring and concern article you have here, everyone should read this for them to be inform more, thanks for sharing.

  61. I am one of the not so lucky ones whose insurance was raised and decreased because of this act. Im not too thrtilled right now, but I do feel for the uninsured.

  62. Health care is a touchy but very important issue! Without it, it makes it really tough to keep the kids and family healthy!

  63. I’m covered and lucky that my employer pays a good portion of our coverage. I was on COBRA for a few months and it was not fun. I’m one of the lucky ones to find a good job that offered decent healthcare coverage.

  64. I live in Canada so I am lucky that I don’t have to worry about this.

  65. Such a sticky political topic. Lots of great informative resources…

  66. I know that the Obama care thing is helping everyone get health insurance, but here in Massachusetts, we’ve been required to have health insurance for a few years now, There is a BIG tax penalty for ppl who don’t have insurance.

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