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It is magnificent to take action now and sometimes that means getting physical. To take action now means to get up and be about the business of doing what needs to be done. Often when people think about doing things, getting things done they only consider the mental effort involved. This is a mistake. A crucial part of getting things done is getting physical with it. The following story is my classic example of what it means to take action now.

There are five birds sitting on a telephone wire when half of them decide to fly off to Florida. So, how many birds are left on the telephone wire. The answer is five. Why? Because deciding to do something is not the same as deciding to get up and take action now.

One thing that should immediately get your attention about this story is that things did not change because the birds did not get physical with it. If the birds had actually done something, if they had actually gotten physical, then the answer to the question would have been three and not five. Thinking, planning and plotting are an important part of the decision to take action now. However, they are not the only step. You must get physical in order to take action now.


Right now, look at your life and pick an area where you need to take action now. Do you need to update a resume? Is it time for spring cleaning your business operations? Do you need to up your customer service program? If you are a SAHM, do you need to do a menu plan or pick out a summer camp for your kids? No matter which of these things you need to do, in order to take action now, you must get physical with it. No matter whether it is typing up a report, drafting a plan or making a telephone call, when you take action now, you get physical. You move, you get up and go.

In fact, when you actually look at the mater realistically and rationally, in order to take action now, you must get physical. All the thinking and planning that happens before you take action now is nice, but it is not the completion of take action now. For most things that we do, in order to take action now, to really take action now, you have to get physical.



In conclusion, it is magnificent to take action now and realize sometimes that means getting physical. So, the question for you this magnificent day is how are you going to get physical and take action now?