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Take Action Now – Get Your Plans Out of the China Closet

It is magnificent to take action now and get your plans out of the china closet. Take action now means get up and do what needs doing, now, not later, now. Many people treat their dreams and plans like fine china in a china closet. That means that their dreams and plans sit on display waiting to be used “someday.” The sad thing is that “someday” never comes. However, a person has to take action now at some point in order to get things done, you cannot keep your plans in the china closet forever if you want to succeed.

In almost every home with a wife and mother, there is a china closet full of good dishes and a linen closet full of good sheets and towels that no one is allowed to use. These things are sitting in storage waiting for mysterious someday, special occasion or company to come out of storage. When that special day comes then all the good stuff will be pulled out of storage and put to use. Do you have plans like that?  Do you have a business you are going to start when the kids get bigger? Do you have an outfit you are going to wear for some special occasion that will come someday? Is there a series of books or articles you are going to write once you get around to it? Do you have plans for an invention you are going to submit once you get everything just right? If you answered yes to any of these questions or on just like it, you need to pull yourself out if the china closet and take action now.



It is a sad thing to look back at any point in your life and realize that you have been waiting for a mysterious someday that has never come. While it is nice to have beautiful china or soft, luxurious sheets and towels you will use one day, there is something much nicer. It is nice to sit down and enjoy a delicious meal on the good china with family and friends. Additionally, you must admit there is something absolutely scrumptious about curling up into a bed made with really nice sheets and soft pillowcases. A warm bath or hot shower that ends with big fluffy towels is an absolute treasure. If you pull your dreams out of the china closet and start using them, you will experience a similar feeling of deliciousness.



Take action now because there really is no time like the present. Take action now because you are living life anyway, so you might as well be living it using your good stuff,  ie your good plans, your good ideas.  Take action now because it is the right thing to do and you really want to do it. Take action now because life is more fun outside the china closet than inside it.


In conclusion, it is magnificent to take action now and get your plans out of the china closet.  So, the question for you this magnificent day is, are you going to finally take action and do something or are you going to keep waiting?

Janeane Davis

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  • To dream is one thing but to day dream is another.

  • Like the famous saying "Don't wait for tomorrow what you can do today". Tomorrow might not be the best time to do end and you end up not doing it.

  • Someday can be today so we should go grab what we want.

  • Take action now, get your plans ahead and work for it.

  • I agree you have to just jump in and do things. There's no time like now to get something started.

  • I believe when you take action, even if it's not the right one at that time, you are moving forward! Anything is better than doing nothing.

  • oh this is for me right now! I'm guilty of always putting my dreams to a later date. I'm starting a new series next week to fix this!

  • I was a saver of everything until this past year. I am letting things go and using everything we have. Including my grandmother's silver passed down several generations.

  • Great point! I am guilty of keeping my dreams (and good dishes!) in the china closet. Life is way too short and unpredictable to continue shelving the things that we desire.

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