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Take Action Now – It Is Fun to Act At The Right Time And Place

Take action now because it is fun to take action at the right time and place. The idea of take action now, means that one starts actually doing whatever it is that one is thinking about, talking about or planning. In order to successfully accomplish one’s plans, one must take action now. In the life cycle of every plan, there is a point where one must go from talking and planning to doing and acting. An interesting thing about taking action now is that when you do take action at the right time, it is actually a pleasurable thing to do. Taking action at the right time leads to less stress, less aggravation, and more satisfying results.
The idea of there being a time and place or a season for everything under the sun has been around for as long as people have inhabited the planet earth.The reason these ideas have lasted is because they are true. Many actions work best if they are taken at a particular time, the right time. When baking a cake for example, the time to put all the ingredients in the oven is after they have been mixed together, not before. Taking action to put the cake batter in the oven results in failure if done at one point, but results in success if done at another. At the same time, when baking a cake if one never takes action to put the batter into the oven, one will never have cake, only potential.
Most of life is that way. When you have a plan to do something, you must take action. In the life cycle of plan, there comes a time when one must take action. When action is taken at the wrong time, one is filled with regret, remorse, and sadness. On the other hand, when the action is taken at the right time, you will feel happiness, joy and even enjoy the fun of success and accomplishment. Take care in life that when you make plans, and take action now to accomplish something that you also take time to enjoy the pleasure that comes from doing the right thing at the right time.
In conclusion, it is magnificent to take action now because it is fun to take action at the right time and place. So, the question for you this magnificent day is, what are you going to take action to do today?
Janeane Davis

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  • I'm a terrible procrastinator! Thanks for the tips!

  • These are great tips! I am not usually a procastinator but timing is definitely important when taking on certain tasks. I love be organized and "get things done"!!

  • I'm blessed to be surrounded by some phenomenal people that will give me that extra push when needed. I am definitely a procrastinator and thrive on just beating the deadline, at times. Taking action in the here and now and not putting off tasks (no matter how insignificant they may seem) helps me to be a more organized and effective person.

  • Always believed that timing is everything, and it definitely makes things easier in the long run.

  • I have to take action and throw something together for dinner right now. :-)

  • I need to take action now, and set aside time for me!

  • Love this post!!! You are right, I agree 100%- I am not proud of being a big procrastinator... Now, I have tasks piled up that need actions.

  • Great post! Procrastination is easy, but in the end it leaves you feeling unsatisfied and frustrated. Thanks for the reminder.

  • This is so true!! It's just sometimes hard to put into action when you are the queen of procrastination!! (like me!!:( )

  • I'm trying to organize before the kids go back to school, thanks for the inspiration. :)

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