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Take Action Now to Keep Your Marriage Happy Over the Long Term

It is magnificent to take action now and make a happy marriage work long term. This space is usually devoted to tips, advice, and encouragement to take action now to accomplish something in your professional life. My readers are mostly working women, many of whom are married or wish to be married. At the encouragement of a wonderful Facebook group to support Christian wives, a prepared this special edition of take action now – how to take action now to make a happy marriage last long– term.

The first step in making a marriage last over the long-term is to know the value of marriage. Just as the best meals start with the selection of the just the right ingredients, the best marriages start with the right pieces. I am a church girl at heart (and soul) so for me, a happy marriage starts with having a good relationship with God and recognition of the place of marriage in Christian life. For me, that means following the advice in Proverbs 31:10-31, which says a virtuous wife is more precious than rubies and her husband can safely trust in her. The Proverbs 31 wife is incredible. She runs her home, businesses, and manages things for her husband. Take action now to be a virtuous woman, a woman to whom your husband can safely trust his heart.

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  • It’s so comforting to read these stories and know that there are others that have gone through the same situation as me. As I have read a lot, I’m not alone in this and I have felt so stupid for a long time that I haven’t gotten over it and it’s been almost 3-4 years since it’s happened but I’ve never gotten closure. We’ve remained friends even best friends but now I regret not taking the space apart that was needed to heal and get over the situation, now I feel that it is too late to step back and take that time away because to me honestly it seems to hurt more and more but other days it doesn’t hurt at all. I would really appreciate some advise or some tips on what to do or if I could vent to someone about this all to people I can relate to. Thank you all for sharing your story and being strong through this complicated experience.love

  • This is a fantastic post! I'm going to print it out and keep it with my other wife learning materials. I appreciate you taking the time to share this awesome advice! I'd love to see more of it! <3

  • I love Proverbs 31, not just for wives, but women in general. I read a few of the other marital stories, cute! Thanks for sharing those

    • You are right about the Proverbs 31 woman - she is incredible! I am glad you liked the other stories. It was fun living them!

  • We were 21 when we married and it was a great time! I have been with my husband since we were 15 so it has been about 15 together or half our lives.

    • I met my husband when I was 19. I always joke that he is the oldest thing I own.

  • Great advice, thank you :) We are rather young in our marriage, seven years, but am so glad we have persevered through so much. I see so many friends and couples throwing their relationships away, because they are bombarded with advice that says, "It's not working, it's not worth it, he/she won't change, you deserve better"... and now some of them are struggling with the new man/woman in their ex-spouse's life, and how to co-parent with it all. Every situation is unique, but my husband and I have agreed to remain married - and put the necessary work in :)

    • Congratulations on your seven years. Many people do not make that number. As you said, so many people give up at the first sign of trouble Marriage is work and I think many people would have better, healthier and happier marriages if they continued to put the work in and try to make the marriage a success instead of leaving or trying it with someone new.

  • Picking the right spouse...definitely important. Haha! I am so glad I didn't go down the wrong path and waited for the hubs. I knew very early on that he was the one!

  • Very good info - I am 37+ years and counting. The best advice I think is "you must spend your entire married life paying attention to the vows" We work everyday at being married. I think so many think it is easy and just happens - it is the hardest job right next to being a Mom. As we age we change - just like raising children - we need to be willing to learn and adjust to keep our marriage alive.

    • Congrats on your 37 years! I am so happy for you. Marriage is work, hard work but it is also some of the most rewarding work we will ever do.

  • Great post. Marriage is hard work but it is also so well worth it.

  • Something I have to work on is giving my husband my full attention. He doesn't like it when I'm working on my phone or laptop once he's home.

  • These are definitely great tips on marriage. It's work, but marriage has the potential to be the greatest union your entire life.

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