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Take Action Now – Learn How at Industry Conferences — 21 Comments

  1. Great reminder… I used to encourage my work team to find conferences to attend outside their field… They are great sources for ideas and new information. 😉

  2. I’ve never been to a conference yet, though someday I would definitely like to try to get to one. I take part in a large number of online seminars, though!

  3. I miss attending events like assembly. Not only you get to interact with other participant but you learn a lot as well.

  4. Conferences are definitely a great way to learn a lot and get inspiration from others, not to mention the networking opportunities. I have been to several, and have gained so much from them.

  5. I am hoping a conference comes to Boston. I could use a good one that will help me learn, grow, and be inspired.

  6. I would say this is a great topic and information to share with us.

  7. I look forward to attending some blog conferences. I haven’t gone to any yet but look forward to attending some. I hear you can really learn a lot. 🙂

  8. They’re pretty easy to find within each community. I do attend blogging conferences regularly though. I find them super valuable.

  9. I absolutely love conferences. You meet so many interesting people, and you learn so much.

  10. I went to the TypeA conference recently and it was a great experience. I really learned a lot that I can apply to my own blog.

  11. i went to an industry conference for a blog campaign for food nutrition. it REALLY moivated me to take action now

  12. Sometimes large conferences can be scary. A blogging friend and I started having a small conference 20 or less people every year the same time as BlogHer. It works out really well. We have teaching sessions, networking and share a meal. These conferences have been an amazing success.

  13. This is the best advance/info ever! I often have trouble starting because I don’t know where to start! Sound familiar? I have to find one of these conferences. I’m just glad I’m not the only one who needs this. Thanks!

  14. I love going to conferences. I always learn a lot, but the networking is probably the best aspect to me.

  15. Definitely a great resource of ideas. It’s important to find the right fit so you can get the most out of it.

  16. I have gone to a few blogging conferences and I found them to be very overwhelming to be honest. It was too much to process in a short amount of time.

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