• Thu. Oct 21st, 2021

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Take Action Now and Organize Your Office with Target #TargetColors

#TargetColors  www.janeaneworld.com
It is magnificent to take action now and organize your office with great products from the bargain section at Target. There are certain times that brings out a natural urge to get organized and start doing things better. One of those times is the beginning of a new year. Another time that makes people want to organize and start anew is spring.

There are millions of excuses why people don’t take action now. One excuse is that things are not organized, that nothing is in its own place. If that is your excuse, take action now to organize your work area. The work area is the place where you keep your calendar, pens, pencils, paper, notepads, sticky notes, envelopes, stamps, scissors. Your work area is the place where you sit to do whatever it is that you do. If you take action now and organize your work area, make thing easy to find and get in hand, it makes it easier for you to take action now on all those other things you have been putting off or avoiding.

#TargetColors www.janeanesworld.com

This Easter season is a great time to organize on a budget with items from the   $1 or $3 bargain section at Target. Start with your desk or work space, what are the things you need to use each day to get done what you do? Are they all on or in your desk? Are the thing you need within easy reach so you can access them. For example, if you are a writer, Is your computer or laptop on your desk? Are  the research books, newspapers and magazines close at hand whether in paper form or electronic? No matter what kind of work you do there should be pens, pencils, paper and notepads close at hand so you can reach them with ease.  Sit down now and make a list of all the thing that you need at and near your desk to do what you do and then go get them.

No matter who you are from an entrepreneur on the go, work at home mom, or stay at home mom, you need tools  to organize. One nice thing about Easter time and the spring Is that stores like Target have organizing tools in pretty spring colors.  When picking organizing tools, pick things that you like, that fit your personality and style. After all, if you do not like the organizing tools you will find all kinds of reasons not to use them!
#TargetColors www.janeaneworld.com

The photo above shows the items I put in my cart while on a recent run to Target.  The yellow pencil cup is bright and happy. The fact that it is my favorite color was the closing point.  I am going to love having a pretty place for my pens, pencils and markers to rest before my family comes and “borrows” them all. The clipboard will hold mail for the day or notes I must pay attention to that day. I keep my calendar in electronic format but that weekly sticky pad will make it easy for me to highlight the one most important task for each day that must be done.  I picked up the numbered tags to help prioritize mail and notes from others. That is a great organizing and prioritizing trick I picked up along the way. The envelope is a nice way to keep things together at the end of the day or if I need to clear my desk completely for a project in the middle of the day. The incredible thing about this cart of organizing materials that will enable me to organize and take action now is that the whole cart cost only $5.00 plus tax!  This clearly shows expensive is not an excuse for failing to organize and take action now!

In conclusion, it is magnificent to take action now and organize your office with great products from the bargain section at Target. So, the question for you this magnificent day is, what will you organize so you can take action now.

Please note, this is not a sponsored post.