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Take Action Now and Organize Your Office with Target #TargetColors — 85 Comments

  1. I shop there sometimes for my office supplies. I like their deals especially for school supplies

  2. My better half giggles when I get upset that my desk is full of their mess lol.

  3. I have never shop at Target before but I use Shoplet in organizing my stuff.

  4. I love those colorful labels that you can use to get organize.

  5. I’m trying to be organized and with clean surroundings when I worked at home. Also, sometimes, I need the noisy part of the children.

  6. I love the bargain section at Target. There’s always a great variety of stuff… My desk could certainly use some attention, too!

  7. I totally needed this. My office is a disaster so I moved to the living room lol.

  8. I love how simple this idea is, yet it’s so important. Our workspace, whether at home or in an office is so important. Thanks for the tips and I can’t wait to hit up the dollar spot at Target!

  9. Target has great office supplies overall. However, The One Spot makes them more affordable 🙂

  10. Love the bargain finds at the $1 spot! That pencil holder is so colorful, love it!

  11. I am working on getting a desk and setting it up. I did just get a clip board and a paperclip thing

  12. I Love target, I always get so many goodies when I go there. I have started by organizing my calendar LOL

  13. I love Target office supplies. They are always so much fun and the color is a great idea.

  14. I don’t trust myself to go into Target’s office supply section! There is too much I want (and end up buying). Oh who am I kidding…I bet I’ll be there tomorrow lol

  15. Great tips! I love love Target and I’m in there all the time. My office space used to be organized, but I’m in need of some motivation. So, thanks!

  16. This is what I am doing today, I’m organizing my entire house. I need some office supplies too, I like anything affordable. It’s time to check Target.

  17. those are great little supplies. the yellow cup is cute, mine is plain boring black

  18. I love having my home office organized. However, I often get so busy that it doesn’t stay organized. I definitely think Target could help me with some supplies!

  19. I love getting new organization stuff for blogging! And we LOVE Target! Will have to check it out next time I pop in!

  20. We love the $1 spot at Target. We shop their frequently.

  21. This is a great idea..any organization tips that help you get things done are a great I can wait to see what I can find!

  22. I need to update my home office desk. Thanks for the slick reminder that I can update my desk without spending a huge amount of money. Let me visit target to get my desk organized….. thanks

  23. That dollar section at target is great for everything. I put things from there in kids easter baskets.

  24. That price can’t be beat. I have to go to Target today to make a credit card payment (hubby won’t pay anything online). That’s always very dangerous. 😉

  25. Love that dollar section at a Target too! Target is one of my favorite stores!

  26. Target is my favorite place to grab stuff for organizing! Now that tax time is over, goodness KNOWS that my office needs a revamp!

  27. I am obsessed with their dollar section! I have so many postits and notecards, I don’t know what to do with them!

  28. Target has everything! I can never have too many organizational or office supplies!

  29. I don’t currently have an office or even a desk in our new-ish home, so I work off the dining room table. It makes me SO disorganized and drives my husband absolutely nuts. I seriously need to get organized.

  30. Love Target for organization! My office space could use some action

  31. Love Target bargains. I need to organize my desk area better.

  32. There’ll always be an infinite number of excuses so just ignore them and do what you have to do.

  33. Oh I love to organize stuff. I need to go to Target now and see what all they have for my office {and my bedroom, we are redoing it now}.

  34. Oh, you’re speaking my language. Target truly is my happy place. I love the office section!!

  35. Great Ideas & Bright Colors Always Work For Me Too!

  36. and spend. I can shop and spend.

    Sigh. I love the dollar spot.
    and organizing stuff.

  37. Target is one of those places I can go and just ‘shop’ They have everything I need and I love how colorful most of their designs are.

  38. I was just at my local Target earlier today and saw that they were stocking their bargain section. Can’t wait to check out what kind of fun office supplies they added!

  39. I love office stationery products! I could play with them for hours.

  40. It’s always great to be able to recognize your own strengths and weaknesses. Happy organizing.

  41. I love that yellow pencil cup, honey! It makes me happy. And not to mention, Target is one of my favorite stores to shop and my Target Red Debit card… I get 5% off each purchase…

  42. I love target and all their office supply stuff. My next big task is getting my personal desk organized so now I know I can’t procrastinate.

  43. Oh, thanks for the heads up! I finally got my own desk so I’ll be heading to Target.

  44. Cute, I love how fun your office supplies are! This is a project I am working on this year now that I am all done with remodeling my home.

  45. I really need to organize my refrigerator to know what is fresh, and what I have to work for ingredients wise.

  46. I love Target and I love their One Spot. They have so many cute products, and I’ve used many of their bins and post-its to help organize my space!

  47. I really need to visit target they have not only useful and productive office supplies but also adorable ones and I’m all for it! Thanks for reminding me my office is such a mess

  48. Love the yellow of that pencil holder!

  49. I love Target! They always have such cute looking stuff. They look more high end than they are

  50. Finding these great ways to organize yourself and if they are a great deal, well that’s even better! Love Target.

  51. I love visiting the bargain section at Target. They usually have great office supplies, organizational supplies, and seasonal items!

  52. I need to TAN on so many levels – and I love a good trip to Target. I like looking around that Dollar spot area when I first arrive at the store. Sometimes I find really neat stuff to award my son with when he does something without me having to ask!

  53. What could be better than getting great organizing products like these? And in the bargain section yet?!

  54. I have no choice but to take action when I read your posts! I love the Target dollar spot! That yellow cup makes me SUPER HAPPY! It’s my favorite color. I need to see if I can find one at my Target.

  55. I love the dollar section at Target! Lots of good things in there to help get your home and office organized!

  56. I JUST started getting a bit of organization to my work space. It is so cluttered!!!! I will have to check out Target!

  57. My office is in desperate need of some organization right now!

  58. Target is my favourite place for affordable but fun finds! Great post – Tracey @ Just
    a Trace

  59. I always find the best stuff at our Target Dollar Spot. I will have to see if there are any organizational goodies the next time I am there. My desk could definitely stand to be cleaned up!

  60. There are definitely some great deals in the dollar section of Target! I love it there. They always have some cute stuff for really cheap!

  61. I love target and the dollar spot. I just wish I had one closer than an hour away!

  62. Love the dollar spot! Always find something good – and at the very least something my kids will like.

  63. I always need to stop at the dollar spot!

  64. I always pass by the $ dollar spot and check them out before we dive in to the clearance rack!! Love it!

  65. I love those Target bins, I always spend more than I plan because I am getting such a great deal…lol.

  66. I always like buying items for $1 – Target has a great selection of $1 – $3 items

  67. I love shopping at Target and buying stuff from their $1-$3 bins. Such a bargain! I too, like to buy my supplies to stay organized from Target.

  68. That dollar spot in Target is the best. I got the cutest clipboard there last year and I always get the kids school supply things there, too!

  69. It may not be a sponsored post, but you’re advertising for free! Just mention the store, and what you got, you don’t need to logo or hashtag them! I really like the bright yellow pencil holder – it would make me feel good about starting the day.

  70. I love using the $1 spot or dollar store to find cheap and fun organizing tools!!!

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