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  1. I prefer putting things down in writing versus the electronic. Helps me tick off and feel accomplished!

  2. I definitely do a combo of written and electronic plans. It totally helps to keep myself on track and get my goals met!

  3. totally agree with putting the goals in writing in order to remember them.

  4. Yes! I recently went to a blogging conference and I’m so ready to take my writing to the next level. I’m writing my goals down and I’m excited to cross them off as I reach those goals!

  5. I agree that putting goals and plans into writing is very effective. I have an ongoing list that I refer to often to help me stay on track.

  6. I like the idea of having my TAN plan everywhere I go!! Great idea to have them electronic and on paper.

  7. I totally agree. I have to write stuff down so I can visually see what I need to do

  8. That is great advice. I really need to heed it myself. I do write “to-do” lists, but that isn’t enough!

  9. I agree. If I don’t write things down they are as good as gone. plans definitely need to be for sure

  10. I totally agree. If I don’t write it down it never happens. Or if it does happen it never is as planned out in my mind.

  11. I find that writing lists and writing things in my planner really helps me out. I find that I’m more apt to stick to them if they’re written down where I can strike them out.

  12. I write everything down on paper. Putting it down electronically is so much more complicated and time consuming. And if I don’t write it down, I will definitely forget to do it!

  13. I love writing my plans down along with my goals and dreams and read them a few times a day.

  14. Writing down my plans is catharthic for me. It makes me feel more in control of my goals even if I can’t accomplish everything right now.

  15. I have to write it down! If I don’t then my brain gets too full of things to remember and I forget everything!

  16. Oh I usually write my plan on paper. In fact I have a notebook for it. Not used to writing down using gadget.

  17. If I don’t write it down…whatever “it” may be….I will forget. It is that simple. Writing down your plans makes a world of difference.

  18. I think this is why I get overwhelmed. If I don’t write down what I want to get accomplished and write it down as I think of it I forget. Then down the line it hits me in the face and I freak out. Good advice.

  19. Love this! I have to write something down for it to feel “planned” and on my agenda. Not sure I’ll ever get over that need for pen to paper on that kind of thing.

  20. I write my plans too otherwise I will forget. This week will be my son”s 1st birthday and I was writing down plans for menus and games. It keeps me organized and being able to get it done.

  21. I like to write all of my daily to do lists and blog goals down on paper. I also use Google spreadsheets to help me out and keep me organized.

  22. I am a paper and pen planner gal. I love my planner, and don’t know what I’d do without it… surely wouldn’t be able to keep up with most of my life thats for sure!

  23. I’m one of those people who needs traditional pen and paper. There is much more satisfaction crossing something off the list.

  24. I have a combination of digital and written planners. I use one on the go and one when I’m at home on my desk.

  25. There are few things that I am planning to put in action. Yes, I agree with this post. I have to put my plans in writing and that will remind me often.

  26. I’ve heard that successful people put their goals in writing and look at them often. I believe there is truth to that. 🙂

  27. This is a great post. I love writing my to-do list and the satisfaction I get from scratching completed tasks off it!

  28. I am a huge note taken! I make list for everything…helps to keep me organized and focused on the task I need to do for the final goal!

  29. i live off my to-do list. having things in writing keeps me more focused

  30. I Love a to do list. Post its are the best way for me to stay on task.

  31. Putting goals and plans in writing definitely helps me to stay focused and to get things done!

  32. I totally believe in having a written plan. I have a notebook where I keep all my plans and goals so that I can continue to refer back to them.

  33. I get so much more done when I make lists… I really need to do it more often!

  34. I love smart phones and all the cool apps and such you can use on them. I use one to write, but use the microphone option and it translates my voice to text! I save lots of writings that way!

  35. I’ve actually been making lists daily to keep myself on track and it’s working pretty good.

  36. Yes! If find that if it gets written down, I am more likely to make it happen. If not, well…. not so much!

  37. Yes! Yes! Yes! I am totally a list maker/planner. It helps me keep organized and focused. As a single mom, entrepreneur and pro-blogger, I have a million and one things to do everyday. If I didn’t prioritize the night before each day, I wouldn’t be able to get half of those things done.

  38. I’m more of a paper and pen girl…but lots of folks are blogging their lists lately. Gotta be held accountable too!

  39. I do a little of both but mostly paper. Something about hand writing helps me to process and even remember things better.

  40. I keep all my goals and plans in my iPhone! so helpful!

  41. I have a LifePlanner that holds all of my goals/plans. I generally have to have things physically written in front of me.

  42. Having my plans and to-do lists in writing keeps me on track. I need that to refer to.

  43. Yes, I believe that lists are very helpful in planning and organizing. I can say it gets a lot more work done and accomplished…Thanks for sharing this post!

  44. That’s great advice. I do much better with a written list right in front of me!

  45. Lists can be very helpful, whether they’re paper or electronic. If you’re working from one you can judge your progress.

  46. I finally got to the gym last week! It’s been ages. The trick – I wrote it into my schedule! It definitely takes planning for a lot of things in our life to actually get done.

  47. Great idea! I am a list maker and like to see everything in front of me and able to mark it off as I go.

  48. The key is to refer to it often. I’ve written plenty of things down, but if I don’t refer to it often… well, they don’t happen.

  49. I love writing stuff down! If I don’t have a visual reminder, I very often forget. I need to write my down my goals for this summer and beyond. It truly helps.

  50. Ha, that bird story got me! If I don’t write something down, I may as well have never even thought about it because it’s GONE. I have to write it down!

  51. I’m slowly starting to get in the habit of writing things down! Go figure, I don’t forget as much this way and I can keep on track better.

  52. I need to write things down. It makes it so much more real!

  53. I plan most everything and have a calendar I keep updated. Really helps.

  54. I put all of mine in a diary and also on my phone so an alarm goes off every time i have something to do.If i write things on bits of paper they normally get lost or my youngest finds them and rips them up lol.

  55. I have a Planner for easy access info and work items. My phone calendar helps with home related nonsense. Great post!

  56. I mark our plans on a calendar. We don’t loose the date or the plan, however if we need directions, that’s a different story! LOL

  57. I write my plans down all the time! I tend to lose them, but when I don’t it is extremely helpful so I do not miss out of events or forget about important deadlines. I save some on the computer too but I tend to not look back at that or it randomly gets deleted so I always keep a paper copy as well!

  58. I make lists all the time..I would forget everything if I didn’t, but I like the idea of having things with me everywhere I go. I just have trust issues when it comes to electronics…LOL

  59. This is the perfect post for a Monday morning. I was just looking at my calendar and writing in all of the things I need to get done this week. Thanks for the motivation.

  60. I am the queen of lists. I write everything down. If it’s not written down, it doesn’t get done.

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