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Take Action Now – Reach Out and Touch Your Dreams

Today is the day to take action now and get things done because your dreams are closer than they appear. If you take action now you can take a step closer to reaching them. If you take action now each day, you will be able to reach out your hands and touch the things in your dreams. If you continue to take action now each day, you will look back at your dreams and say mission accomplished!

Take action now and move toward your dreams, you are living anyway so start making the life you want.

Some people look at your dreams and say you are dreaming the impossible dream. Stop listening to those people. Your dreams are right at hand and you can reach them if you take action now each day towards achieving them. It doesn’t matter if you cannot see your hand touching the dream. It doesn’t matter if the journey from today to dream accomplished is a million miles. Think about it realistically. If there are a thousand steps between today and dream accomplished and you take one step today, tomorrow there are only  to go. Realistically, if you actually take action now and start working towards your dreams there will be many days when you take two, five or even ten steps. There will also be days when you take just one step. The amount of steps you take each day does not matter, what matters is that you must take action now each day.

As you take action now each day and take one step, five steps or 100 steps, as time passes, you will see that your dreams get closer with each step you take. Each item you cross off your to-do list brings you closer to touching your dream. One of my favorite sayings is an old one from Jesse Jackson, “if my mind can conceive it and my heart can believe it, then I can achieve it.” That is the wonderful thing that people miss when they think about how hard it is to reach their dreams. If you can think of a thing, if you can imagine a possibility and then believe you can do it, you really can get the thing done. When you want to get things done, you get them done. When you don’t want to get things done, you find excuses not to get them done. The bottom line is, you are going to touch something, so you must decide if you want to touch your completed dream or a pile of excuses.

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