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Take Action Now – Reach Out and Touch Your Dreams

Q. When is the right time to take action now? A.  As the name suggests, NOW!


Mission accomplished is something that people who take action now each day get to say.

It is not easy to take action now each day, but you still have to do it. Most people want to know what the reward is before they step out to do something hard. When you take action now to reach your goals and make your dreams come true, the reward is the ability to say, “Mission accomplished.” Those words are so sweet and so savory in the mouth. It is something magical about the way the words roll off the tongue. Once you say mission accomplished about one thing, you will want to have that feeling in your mouth again and again.

If you are not accustomed to having your dreams come true, to saying the words, “Mission accomplished.” Take action today, right now to reach a goal any goal. If you can’t think of one, make it a goal to reach the end of this article. Once you do, say the magic words, “Mission accomplished.” As you say them, speak slowly and deliberately. Let the words roll off you tongue. Enjoy the taste of the words, “Mission accomplished.” The words taste better than chocolate. They warm your body more than a hot toddy on a cold winter day. There is something awesome and delicious about the words, “Mission accomplished.”



After you accomplish the mission of getting to the end of this article and utter the sweet and delicious words, “Mission accomplished” find another mission to accomplish. Go for bigger missions, real missions. Stop going for the easy stuff. Pick a big giant dream that is on your to-do list that you have been afraid to pursue. Pick something and go for it. Take action now and start making steps to get that big thing done. You really can do it. After all, your mind conceived it, your heart believed it, so start working so you can say you achieved it.

So, the question for you this magnificent day is, what big dream are you going to go after today?

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