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Take Action Now Because Someone is Watching


It is magnificent to take action now because there is someone watching you. It is inevitable in life that we make plans and dream dreams. Our plans and dreams do not take place in a vacuum, there are always others who watch us, who want to see what we are doing. Reputations are made by the actions we take as well as the actions we do not take. When plans are made and dreams are shared, those around  us become part of our plans and our dreams. When we take action now and act on our plans and dreams we succeed and those watching us succeed as well. This success helps them to feel happy about themselves and about us by extension. Similarly, if we fail to take action now to achieve our plans and follow our dreams, those who watch us see us as failures and by extension feel like failures themselves.

We do not live in the world alone and thus must take action now as a way of respecting those who watch us. It is a good thing to be a role model. Being a role model is not merely a source of flattery, it is  an awesome responsibility. Interestingly, those for whom we are role models are not always known to us, often it is the case that we are role models to people we do not know are watching us. Some of these unknown admirers include the following:

  • neighbors
  • supermarket clerks
  • relatives
  • readers
  • co-workers
  • parents our  children’s school bus stop
  • people we respect and admire

The fact that we do not know everyone who is looking at us as role models does not change the fact that we are role models and have an obligation to them to take action now to succeed at our plans and dreams. When we take action now and succeed we show those who watch us that they can succeed. When we encounter problems, difficulties and everything we planned goes wrong and we find a way to take action now again and again, we show those who watch us that they can succeed. Our ability to get up and get things done obligates us to get up take action now and get things done.


In conclusion, it is magnificent to take action now because there is someone watching you. So, the question for you this magnificent day is, what kind of example do you want others to see in you?

Janeane Davis

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  • Never thought of things this way. I truly need to change the way i look and approach things. Thank you for inspiring me today.

  • Its definitely true that people are always watching how you are acting! It's kind of scary...

  • Wow I never thought about this in this way. I Love it. I know that people do watch didn't realize how closely. thank you for sharing

  • This Is So TrueI Never Thought About It Like That!!

  • With how technology is ruling our world today I think you should always act in a way that someone is watching...because someone just might be putting you on the internet. I always make sure I'm polite to someone even if they're not polite to me.

  • This is so true. I try very hard to be aware of who I am not just at home, but also out in public. You never know who is paying attention and what would be learned from it.

  • You never know which moment wil be the one that changes it all so it's good to always be moving forward.

  • This is so true! As a mom, my kids are always watching and learning by what I do AND what I don't do. It's always amazing to me to see myself through my kids eyes.

  • My kids are always watching! This post was spot on!

  • Great point! I'm especially aware of my daughter's little eyes, but I don't usually consider others that I come in contact with.

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