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Take Action Now Start Where You Are



It is magnificent to take action now and do something great – start where you are. There are so many people all around the world with great plans and wonderful ideas of things they would like to do “one day.” You have heard them, they talk about all the things they will do one day when:


  • they lose another 15 pounds
  • they get a college degree
  • the children get out of the house
  • the business is on firmer footing
  • when the world is perfectly aligned with the moon and the stars


There is something funny about “one day,” the funny thing is that it is not on the calendar. Our calendars have Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. There is no spot marked “one day.” That means that when you make your plans, the ones you schedule for one day are not going to get the attention they need. They are not going to get done. If you want to get something done, stop waiting for that mysterious one day to arrive. Instead, put your plans on the calendar on a day that actually exists.

Taker Action Now – Start Where You Are to Get What You Want

The church girl in me is reminded of the saying that we can come to Jesus as we are. It means that you don’t have get a certain way or be a certain thing to have a relationship with God. It can start today, just as things are. It is the same way with all of your grand plans and ideas. I taught all my children that they need to take action now. They know they shouldn’t get ready, they should stay ready. They know they should start from where they are and go where they want to go.


Look at your life, think about what you want to do, no matter how big, no matter how important. Start now, where you are with what you have and start making it happen. If you need to write a plan, write a plan. If you have written a plan, take action now and start doing the first thing on that plan. Take action now, move now. The best and most important thing you can do is to take “one day” out of your vocabulary. Start to really understand the fact that “one day” is not a day on your calendar. When you have that understanding, take action now, with what you have now and make your world what you want it to be.


In conclusion, it is magnificent to take action now and do something great – start where you are

. So, the question for you this magnificent day is, what incredible thing are you going to start now?

Janeane Davis

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  • Very true! Take action right now and make your dream happen :)

  • It's true, one day never comes. Sometimes it's good to take action right away.

  • This post is so spot on. I like to live by the quote "There are seven days in the week and someday isn't one of them."

  • One day may never come so sometimes it's a god thing to not wait around.

  • You are right. There is no "one day" on the calendar. It always drives me insane when people say they are going to start after xxx date or when they do xxx. If you want to make a change, why wait?

  • I'm going to stop putting off that nap! haha No seriously I'm exhausted today!

  • I do like your point to start where you are and move forward and take action. Sometimes we sit around waiting and miss the boat!

  • Very true! That first step is always the hardest!

  • I know from experience as a fence sitter, that one day quickly becomes YEARS later! I agree that if it's something you truly want to do in your personal or business life, start NOW. Great post!

  • I've heard the first step to success is simply getting started now. I believe there is a huge element of truth in it too.

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