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Take Action Now Start Where You Are — 43 Comments

  1. Very true! Take action right now and make your dream happen 🙂

  2. It’s true, one day never comes. Sometimes it’s good to take action right away.

  3. This post is so spot on. I like to live by the quote “There are seven days in the week and someday isn’t one of them.”

  4. One day may never come so sometimes it’s a god thing to not wait around.

  5. You are right. There is no “one day” on the calendar. It always drives me insane when people say they are going to start after xxx date or when they do xxx. If you want to make a change, why wait?

  6. I’m going to stop putting off that nap! haha No seriously I’m exhausted today!

  7. I do like your point to start where you are and move forward and take action. Sometimes we sit around waiting and miss the boat!

  8. Very true! That first step is always the hardest!

  9. I know from experience as a fence sitter, that one day quickly becomes YEARS later! I agree that if it’s something you truly want to do in your personal or business life, start NOW. Great post!

  10. I’ve heard the first step to success is simply getting started now. I believe there is a huge element of truth in it too.

  11. What a very inspirational post! I agree, sometimes we get caught up in thinking about ‘one day’ with our busy go-go-go lives but the truth of the matter is only we’re the ones who decide when one day is!

  12. Maybe you should create a calendar with one of the days marked off and “oneday” added in place of it. Call it the “Take Action Now” calendar.

  13. LOL One Day! So true! Thanks for reminding me that everyday can be my One Day!

  14. It’s true, we need to live like there’s no tomorrow. I better get started on working out today!

  15. I love the ‘take action now’ mentality. If we wait for ‘one day’, it may never come!

  16. Good point about “one day”. I guess I need to stop with that as I might as well be saying never.

  17. you are totally right. some day isn’t on any calendar. writing things on the calendar makes me way more accountable!

  18. I’m so bad about saying one day. I even put things in my calendar and don’t get to it!

  19. If we wait til we hit a goal until we start something new, we’ll never get started. So much smarter to start now.

  20. I am starting a new journey to eat healthy. I did ok today and I did exercise.

  21. I completely agree. Why put off to tomorrow what you can do today? I am a firm believer in taking action and making changes right away.

  22. It is so true that you have to start where you are and have a goal in mind. If you aim at nothing, you’ll hit it every time.

  23. So true, you just have to start and the only place you can start is where you are.

  24. It is so easy to put things off, but it opens up the danger of things never getting done. I am usually the jump in with both legs kinda person

  25. This is so true! You can only change by starting where you are at now. Otherwise you just keep procrastinating…like me!

  26. So true and can apply to so many aspects of life. Especially with kids! I hear my mil tell my kids “some time” or “one of these days” and she never does it. She doesn’t realize the kids don’t forget and she’s losing this time with them while they’re young. relationships with kids start from day one!

  27. Love this and I totally agree. Changes won’t happen until you make them!

  28. Taking action now will certainly ensure that your plans and dreams don’t fall by the wayside – great advice!

  29. Absolutely LOVE that quote with the flower! It is SO true!! Such a great post!

  30. Where were you stationed? My brother is enlisted and has been for over 6 years! 🙂

  31. Good achievable goals… Take action and get it done.

  32. This is so important. Sometimes the day/time gets away from me and my ‘Take Action Now’ moments slip away. I need to remind myself of this more often. I do travel and go places I want to without waiting. I’m a big believer and living life to the fullest!

  33. Yes, setting precise goals with deadlines will really push you. I have a big one on Wednesday!

  34. Clean and organize my house! Sounds silly but I keep putting it off and seeing how my daughter was stung by a scorpion yesterday.. I must do it no matter how crazy it makes me!

  35. I am free spirit type and I take action every day. I also think I may have a few issues with impulse control according to my parents but my son loves his crazy mom. I know that the biggest decision I ever made was on a whim and it made my family furious. I woke up one day and said I am going to join the Coast Guard today and I did it stayed in for 5 years best things ever.

  36. I need to follow this advice. My one day is always Monday and i always has to do with starting a diet.

  37. I’m guilty of “one day when the kids are older.” They are just so hands-on right now! I can see the light at the end of the tunnel though. 😉

  38. It’s so easy to put things off! So I don’t. Right now, we’re trying to plan our summer vacation – we finally just went ahead and set the week. Everything fun will fall into place. I’m sure of it!

  39. It is always easier to put things off. Sometimes it is necessary because you can’t do everything now. It is good to prioritize:)

  40. Great advice. I am “studying” for my real estate license, but I keep putting it off. Thanks for the kick in the pants 🙂

  41. It’s Monday. The perfect day to take action and get motivated. I hope to take your advice.

  42. I get what I want for the most part. I set my sights on it and go for it 🙂

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