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Take Action Now Stop Being Sick and Tired of Excuses

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In addiction groups like Alcoholics Anonymous or Narcotics Anonymous, there is always talk of hitting rock bottom. In those groups it is common for members to say that change doesn’t happen until a person reaches their rock bottom, whatever that is. When you think of it, that is such a sad and sorry state of affairs. If you are not an addict, there is no reason for you to reach your rock bottom before you decide to take action now to accomplish your goals. Today can be the day that you say, “enough is enough,” let’s go. It is such a wonderful phrase, such a strong statement.         When you take action now and decide that today is the day you will get things done. Today is the day for you to empower yourself to move, to stop being afraid and to stop making excuses. When you take action now, you set yourself on the path of success, happiness and true satisfaction.



It is magnificent take action now because you realize enough is enough. So, the question for you this magnificent day is, what does it take for you to realize that enough is enough, it is time to move?


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I have never met a person without a dream. Of course we do not all share the same dream, but everyone has a dream. The world is divided into people who TAN and reach their dreams and those who refuse to TAN and don’t reach their dreams. If you are a person who does not take action and does not move towards a dream, a goal, a plan, then you have no justification to complain about the action and the results of a person who does TAN.

The best time to set about doing the work to get the plan done is now. If you are like most people, you have a list of items you want to accomplish. Most people have a to do list, a dream list, a list of things you dream of getting done. The list is not the problem. It is great to have a written list of things you would like to accomplish. The problem is that many people keep making the list longer and longer and never take steps to complete the items on the list.

Making plans is hard work, no doubt, but taking action to carry out the plans you make is even harder. Part of being an adult means that you must show up like a grown up and do the things that need to be done. Excuses don’t matter. Reasons and rationales don’t matter. Plans are made because there are things that need to get done. It is important to take action now to get those things done. There are a myriad of ways to take action now to work on your plans. Some of these include:

Schedule it Break it down Suck it up Be Accountable

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  • Love this article...used to suffer a lot from laziness as a kid, hated doing homework, always wanted fun etc...now, as an adult, I understand the value of being motivated and taking action.

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