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Take Action Now – A Year In Review — 22 Comments

  1. Taking action now on whatever you are struggling with really does make it easier. I like to be pro-active and gets things accomplished…it makes me feel good to have a plan of action and start it!

  2. Taking action now always feels really good to me – it makes me feel invested in my success, attentive to my goals and committed. I feel like I am really working towards what I want. That feeling keeps me motivated and makes me review whenever I feel like procrastinating or get stuck.

  3. I love all of these quotes. Wonderful year in review, thank you for the great messages!

  4. Live your dreams…great message! Really get out there and experience them!

  5. What great advice. It really speaks to me right now, since I’m thinking of making some major changes in the new year. I might need to print these out for my office!

  6. Janeane, every time I read your post I get the feeling I get when I’m in church “Wait, I didn’t tell pastor that!” I feel like I am reading the diary of my inner thoughts right her on Janeane’s world! We just discussed having a word/phrase and action was my word for 2014 yet I fell short so many times many of which are listed above.

    Thanks girl for being my “secret” accountability partner.

  7. I agree with you so much. I’m in the “Just Do It” school but the premise is the same. You have to play to win and any other way to say it. Thanks for the encouraging post.

  8. Encouragement to start the new year off right. Hard work will pay off.

  9. I agree that you never know who’s watching and the impact your actions can have on them. Great post, thanks for sharing!

  10. Taking action now is the only way to get what you want out of life. Thanks for all the great advice!

  11. I like the idea of “take action now”. It’s powerful. We often leave things for later, for another day for another moment. We shouldn’t!! We should commit to what we want to change or improve now.

  12. This is such a great post! It is so inspiring. It makes me want to go take action on all the things i have waited so long to do

  13. Your posts always make me take action, which is awesome. Doing something is always better than doing nothing!

  14. I am so a take action now kinda girl. Making changes is a choice you can make at anytime.

  15. I love this because it’s true…someone is always watching and you never know who! Just always do things with good intention and actions will turn into great results!

  16. What a great post. You are always so inspirational in how you help gently push us to better ourselves and business.

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