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Take Away the Mystery – Figure Out Why You Put Off Taking Action




It is magnificent to take away the mystery and figure out why you do not take action now. In order to get things done, there comes a point in life where we must stop planning, scheming and getting ready and start taking action now. This is such a basic fact, it is almost something that should be classified as common sense. However, common sense is not common.  Even with the knowledge that success cannot take place absent action, people are still reluctant to act.

There are many mysterious reasons a person may refuse to take action now. These reasons include:

  • procrastination
  • fear of failure
  • fear of success
  • lack of experience

If any of these reasons are keeping you from taking action now to accomplish your goals, be encouraged. You can take the mystery out of these things and take action now in order to succeed.

1. Procrastination – when a person procrastinates, she puts off for tomorrow that which she should do today. People procrastinate for a wide variety of reasons, in order to stop procrastination from keeping you from succeeding, do an internal inventory, find out what makes you procrastinate and then start taking action to succeed.

2. Fear of Failure – there are a significant number of women who do not act because they are afraid they will fail. These women may have failed on many occasions in the past. These may be women who have always been successful and are afraid to fail on this occasion. These women may be afraid  of the consequences of failure. If fear of failure is keeping you from taking action now in order to succeed, take the mystery out of your fear and get  moving.

3. Fear of Success – this is an interesting reason for not taking action now. There are some women are scared to reach their dreams. Some are afraid of the new responsibilities and obligations that success will bring. Still others are afraid of success because they have not experienced it before. If fear of success is keeping you from taking action now, find out the reason you are afraid of success, defeat it and then start taking action now.

4. Lack of Experience – there are some women who are afraid to take action now because they lack experience. For these people they may not know how to take action now and so they are afraid to move forward. For those who lack experience the way to take the mystery out of a lack of experience is to start doing. Gaining experience helps one get over the fear of a lack of experience. So, if lack of experience is keeping you from taking action now, start taking action to do what needs to be done.

Let today be the day you start to take action now and accomplish your goals. Take a deep look inside so that you can take the mystery out of your failure to act and get moving. It is important to remember that you control your destiny.

In conclusion, it is magnificent to take away the mystery and figure out why you do not take action now. So, the question for you this magnificent day is, what is stopping you from taking action now


Janeane Davis

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  • I very much procrastinate and am also afraid to succeed. i definitely need to read one of these books to give me a kick in the pants :)

    • Procrastination is a hard one for me personally. Some people fear success because success may bring more things to procrastinate about. So, procrastination has to get solved!

  • Procrastination is definitely my thing. I have gotten better at not procrastinating {procrastinating on procrastinating?} over the years, but I still need to work on it more.

  • I'm definitely a procrastinator, and honestly, I think I might have a little fear of success because the thought of a greater workload is just too much.

    • Fear of the added workload from success goes along with procrastination.

  • I'd say fear of failure is probably my biggest reason for not taking action.

    • Fear of failure is a big one. But, failing and getting back up and trying again helps us get over that fear. When we succeed and learn how to succeed, we get less afraid of failure.

  • Great book recommendations.. SOoo need to check them out... I usually don't like to wait till the last minute either, but lately I need a little motivation... thanks for a great post and a great reminder

    • I am glad you liked the post! BTW, love your name "CrazyMom" because I feel like one most days!

  • I am usually not a procrastinator....don't like stuff hanging over my head. But I do have a fear of failure....need to work o that!!

    • Procrastination is my hard one. I don't worry about fear of failure because if I fail, I just get up and go again.

  • This is just so true! My main thing is procrastination and oddly enough, fear of success!

    • Procrastination is still hard for me. The fear of success is better because I like making my husband and children proud.

  • Great post! Procrastination would be my main problem, I tend to be a procrastinator.

    • Glad you liked it. Procrastination seems to be the most common problem among my readers.

  • Procrastination is the butt kicker for me also. I am working to defeat it!

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