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Take Care of Yourself, Amwell to the Rescue — 13 Comments

  1. I am totally checking this out the next time our family gets sick. So much easier than packing the entire family up

  2. I am slowly waiting for something like this to be available here in Canada. We can call in and speak with a nurse on the phone who may recommend we get seen but really if we are already concerned about seeing a doctor why call a nurse?

  3. I love this service! It is super convenient for busy moms which is where I am at!

  4. I think this is really convenient. I’ve used Amwell.

  5. I just tried Amwell for the first time recently and I love them! It was so convenient and easy to use.

  6. I would consider using this, especially if traveling and I did not have access to my family doctor.

  7. This is really neat that you can see a doctor online. I’ll have to keep this in mind as I know we’ll probably use this service at some point.

  8. I love how so many doctors are moving toward online portals, and ways to connect with patients. It certainly makes getting answers a lot easier. – Katy

  9. That is such an amazing service. Perfect for those who are too sick to get out to the doctor.

  10. I love that there are online doctor options now. This is GREAT for many different reasons especially the $49 fee for folks without insurance.

  11. I am liking that I don’t’ have to put shoes on to see the doctor. This is great when your to sick to leave home.

  12. This sounds like a great service. I would definitely use it if I couldn’t get out of the house to see a real doctor for some reason.

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