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Take Steps to Get Good Mental Health You Will Be Glad — 21 Comments

  1. Mental health is one of the issues that we normally didn’t talk before and its a good thing that now its being discussed. It is really important to have some mental health check.

  2. This is most improtant. Mental health is important topic especially nowadays. We need to take care of us.

  3. This is always important, but has become more pertinent to more people this year for sure!

  4. Such an important topic and glad that you are helping give voice to so many who may feel alone. Exercising works for me.

  5. Mental health! It’s a very important topic nowadays. We always need to focus on this!

  6. I’m glad more and more people are seeking help these days. It’s crucial to seek a knowledgeable and balanced physician for care.

  7. I agree, mental health is being recognized now more than ever. And I’m glad about that because it’s important.

  8. This is something i will be taking more seriously on next year.

  9. Definitely should be as important a step for us all as taking care of our bodies.

  10. I start with my morning routine, mediate, exercise, etc., it’s all about self-care first then get things done.

  11. This is a good step, mental health is really important and we should include it in our routine everyday.

  12. This post is really informative, mental health is so important.

  13. So many of us have struggled with our mental health this year. It’s important to pay attention and not let it take over.

  14. Mental health is so important. I have had a few times in my life where it has faltered and I have had to get it back on track.

  15. I have a friend who I am helping with her mental health. This will help me help her.

  16. So important!! Everyone is working on losing weight or getting fit in the new year, but mental health should be a big part of our New Years resolutions, too! I try to get some me time every day. It really helps when we are all staying home together 24/7.

  17. Yes, mental health is important. I always make sure to take breaks throughout the day so I don’t lose my mind. My husband is deployed, so my kids need me to be at my best.

  18. I exercise every single day for my mental health and it works like a charm! I also make sure to have a lot of alone time too!

How do these ideas work in your world?

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