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Take The Mystery Out Of Your Technology: Read Up — 11 Comments

  1. I have a camera collecting dust because I do not understand it. I’ve been waiting on a lesson from Danny but that hasn’t happened yet. I really need to read up on its functions and just do it. Thanks for this!

  2. You are absolutely right here, we can gain more knowledge and learn more things others don’t in reading…

  3. I’m not savvy when it comes to technology either. Wish me luck if i get new gadget because I won’t even care reading the manual on how to use it. Hhehehhe.

  4. I worked in the technology field for many years, funny I almost completely walked away from it, I have no idea what is available now.

  5. What a novel idea – Read a book to help you learn something! Great post!

  6. No matter how much I attempt to read up on the new tech products-and you know I am a reader-most of it still makes little to no sense to me! I can sometimes figure them out by trial and error–lots of errors.

  7. I love technology. Whenever I need help with something the answer is only a few clicks away. Soon I’m going to read up on Windows 8, because it is one big mystery to me.

  8. OMG- I’ve been reading a lot lately! And that’s a good thing. I figure there is always more to learn and you’re right- technology changes so make sure you are reading the most up to date material.

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