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Take Your Child to Work – It’s Fantastic — 8 Comments

  1. Co-workers always want to see your kids. And it’s good for the kids to get to know what the parent is doing while they’re in school.

  2. Yes. People often don’t realize how important it is for kids to see their parents’ work up-close ad personal.

  3. Exactly! Now she knows what you do and where you do it. She also gets a good attitude about work and the importance of it.

  4. My daughter loves to come to my office. She thinks it’s a fun tech space and everyone LOVES her. It also gives her an understanding of what happens for me while she is in school or after care.

  5. I loved this day when I was a kid! I always thought it was so cool to be in my dad’s office helping him. My brother is a science teacher and brings his son to work on that day, and his school has an amazing day full of fun things for the kids to do.

  6. I’ve brought my nieces and nephew to work. I’ve gotten permission from whoever is in charge that day. They’ve liked it. My nephew even curled up in the conference room on a few chairs put together. Lol

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