• Mon. Oct 25th, 2021

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Take Your Child to Work – It’s Fantastic

It is fantastic to find a way to balance home and work by taking your child to work.
A basic reality of life is that many of us must work outside the home. When we do work outside the home we are usually leaving our children behind. Children are curious creatures and wonder what it is their parents do at work all day long. They wonder where you work, what he actual building looks like. They want to know what your work area is like. It is nice when possible to satisfy that natural curiosity by taking your child to work.
Be smart about taking your kid to work. Some companies and employers will allow you to bring your child to work for an hour or so if you are able to work and keep your child quietly occupied while you work. Other companies are have no place for children who stop by.  If you do not have a child friendly or child appropriate workplace consider some of the following ways to bring your child to work:
  • talk to your supervisor to see if you can have your child come to the workplace 5 minute before the end of the day to get a tour of the building and your work area
  • take your child to work on your day off to show your work area and some of the other people in the building
  • take your child to work when the building is closed and show your child the outside of the building and identify the section of the building where you work
  • take your child to work in the virtual world if you work out-of-town and cannot get there with your child in the real world
All of these tips will help give your child a feeling that your work is not a strange foreign thing to fear. When you take your child to work you show your child that work is something real, to be proud of and to be positive about. No matter what your job is, if you talk about it as if you are happy and proud to have that work, your child will be proud that you have that work. It is fantastic to have your children be impressed with you and proud of what you do.
It is a fantastic thing to take your child to work and share your work. So the question for you this fantastic day is, how do you share your workplace with your child?