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Taking Back Control of Your Life So You Can Win — 13 Comments

  1. I have learned to take the control back in my life. I always had a hard time saying no to people. Now I make sure I take care of myself first.

  2. I like to set small goals for myself so I stay on track. It is so easy to wander off of our path.

  3. So simple sounding! But it’s true, I’m so greatful to have read this today because I totally need to apply it. Thank you for creating hope

  4. I think we all feel a little embarrassed when we realize we are off track. But it happens to everyone! These are great tips!

  5. It is crucial to be true to one’s self and to know one’s place in the universe. This includes admitting the truth about one’s position in life.

  6. I admit that sometimes I get off track from what I was doing. These are some really good tips to help combat that.

  7. I think we are all guilty of getting off path from time to time, this is a great reminder to be in control and when lost, take control back!

  8. I’ve gotten off track before. It’s taken a quick kick in the butt to get myself back on track, but its possible. It’s so true that we need to give ourselves a break sometimes.

  9. Well, sometimes I think we all go off track but it is getting yourself going again with our beating yourself up that is important. Thank you for this post!!

  10. We can all get off track so easily that we need a reminder like this every once a while to get us back to where we want to be and what our goals are.

  11. This is very inspiring- I think we all wander of course from time to time- having a strong core and system to acknowledge this and self correct is important, of course having a great system of family and friends is great too!

  12. These are all great tips! So many people stay off track because they can’t admit to anyone, including themselves, that they aren’t where they need to be.

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