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  1. I love this. I especially love that you have included your family and are teaching them the value of working and supporting one another. Teamwork is a necessary ingredient in success!

  2. I love that quote – “teamwork makes the dream work …” These iBandz seem pretty great, too!

  3. Love the message you have to your kids. So inspiring and also, genius. I hope they remember it and remember that teamwork is always important

  4. A very inspiring story and I love the bright, colorful bands. Keep it up!

  5. I have five siblings and we were all raised to be very close. Even now when we have our own families we get together on a weekly basis.

  6. My daughter will love this band. Neon green is her favorite color, for now. 🙂

  7. We are in the process of moving right now and I am stressing the importance of teamwork to my kids. We are all in this together. It is a great lesson to learn.

  8. Those are really neat! I could see these being a hit with sports teams!

  9. Beautiful idea and message. I like that they all are wearing them!!

  10. I love it, what a neat idea. Teamwork out home is so important. The family that works together stays together.

  11. You can’t miss those wristbands! They are fun looking.

  12. Those are super cute! I think it would give a team a sense of pride for everyone to have one.

  13. Go for the team Family. That is so wonderful. And good luck to your daughter on going to college. These ibandz look super cool! I love that. I also love the team idea that you including your kids in working with your blog. Wonderful!

  14. How cool to add your children as team members of your blog! We definitely think of our family as one team.

  15. I love those bracelets! Team work is super important at the work place and at home (which in my case is one in the same LOL), thanks for sharing!

  16. My favorite thing to say is “There’s no I in TEAM!” Trying to teach them teamwork young here too. Love the ibandz!

  17. I think it’s really great that you all work together. That’s what makes a family work. I love the bracelets.

  18. This is a truly excellent post. Families need to work together to be the best they can be.

  19. Tangible symbols do help people to remember they are part of a team and have the responsibilities and privileges of a team.

  20. So important to get the whole family on board with these things. I really love the customizable bands, I can see a lot of uses for something like that.

  21. I bet the kids just totally love these! They’re so much fun, and definitely unique! I just wish I could get my family to act a little more like a team. It’s a work in progress.

  22. That’s adorable that they are coming up with ideas now. You are turning them into entrepreneurs by getting them into the spirit!

  23. this comes at a very timely occasion as we just spent 2 weeks at a beach house and I am not sure everyone can get along that long. we need to work as a family /team as well.

  24. This is such a fun idea. I really like that it pops and that there are two colors. It stands out and makes you want to stop and take notice.

  25. Fabulous idea to build team spirit in your home and encourage sibling bonding. Congrats to your daughter, you must be really proud.

  26. What a great idea. I love teamwork. The bands are a great idea to remind everyone of your goal.

  27. Really neat idea the one word and the bands – I will be sharing with Isa – she is my helper in all my projects.

  28. What a fun concept. My son’s marching band director gives each kid a little token like that before competition season and it really serves as a great reminder that they all must work together as a team to score well.

  29. I love the team idea for family but I don’t know if I could do the bracelet it looks like it would get in the way and make typing hard.

  30. Teamwork is so important, whether it’s at home with your family or with your work family. We’re definitely teaching our young son that he is a part of our team. It’s fun to see him involved and doing things with/for the family.

  31. What a fun idea! I love having a family mission statement. What a great idea to put on a wristband to keep it in their minds especially with school back in session!

  32. I love it, too! Such a cool idea.

  33. Since getting hired they keep coming up with ideas and even argue among themselves about what ideas are good!

  34. Wow really interesting ideas here! I love that you added your children as employees! Family support is great 🙂

  35. I love this quote! Indeed, team work makes the dream work … and we are working on it 😉

  36. Never heard of ibandz until now. That’s a really great idea for everyone in the family. I’ll have to check them out.

  37. You are such a positive and motivating person. This is yet another example of it!

  38. These ibandz are really neat! I think my niece would love them!

  39. They sure make a bold statement! I love your team/dream work motto. We’ve been struggling with that lately, so I may adopt that as our motto too!

  40. We are all somewhat involved in each other’s success. Teamwork really makes a difference.

  41. That is super cool. I love them and I love that your whole “team” has them.

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