teamwork makes the dream work


It is terrific to learn that teamwork really does make the dream work.  Whenever possible,  make your family part of your team. Most people have heard the expression, “blood is thicker than water.” The idea behind that expression is that family members need to stick together and are part of the same team.

When members of a family think of themselves with a team work mindset, they are able to accomplish great and wonderful things. Bible scholars among my readers will remember what God said when He gave the people different languages at Babel. He said if men put their minds to it, there was nothing they could not accomplish.

A family that works together like the people in Babel before the great divide. There is almost nothing they cannot achieve if they have made up minds and work as part of a team. Recently, I added my children as employees if this blog. Now, the children think of what used to be “my blog” as “our blog.” They feel part as if they are an important part of the blog’s success. They are part if the blog team.

Our family team is changing because my eldest daughter is going south to Spelman College in Atlanta, Georgia. This is a major change for Team Davis. I thought it would be a great idea to do something for the children who are remaining at home to emphasize we are part of a team and that we are in it, to win it. For that reason, I jumped at the opportunity to review  iBandz wristbands I was very excited. The folks at iBandz want to reach out to moms, dads, kids, athletes and everyone in between. iBandz are a completely new product.  There is no other “personalizable” silicone wristband on the market. The wristbands can be used for a myriad of purposes. They can be used to raise awareness for causes you care about. Wearing the iBandz wristbands are a way of starting conversations and give a way to help spread word of mouth about a cause, group or foundation. One of the great things about iBandz wristbands is that you can create your own phrases to compliment your personality or cause.




teamwork makes the dreamwork


These bands are brightly colored, flexible, plastic bands with your choice if saying. Our bands are simple and to the point. They read, “WIN.” I gave each if the children remaining at home a wristband with instructions that in all they do, they must reach toward the nark if the high calling. They must strive for excellence. If they strive for excellence in all they do, they will win.

Take a look at your family. What is your family mission. What goal are you trying to reach as a unit? Sum up that mission up in one word and get wristbands with that word for the members of your family. Go check out Ibandz for yourself and follow them on social media:


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In conclusion, it is terrific to learn that team work really does make the dream work. So, the question for you this terrific day is, how are you harnessing the power of teamwork in your family?


I received a set ot IBandz personalized to my liking prior to writing this review. I was given no other form of compensation. All thoughts and ideas about the products are mine alone.