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Technology Can Inspire Creativity

Technology can do many things, one of them is inspire creativity. When was the last time you picked up one of your devices and played around with it, just for the fun of it?

One of the best things about technology is that you can get really creative.


One of my favorite things about technology is that it makes it possible for me to be really creative in the way I do things. Of course, we all know that our tablets and phones enable us to do word processing and take photos. Those things are old hat. In my days as a litigator, I prepared for a murder trial on a Palm Pilot device. Today, I can prepare full mutli-media presentations for clients using my tablet device. Wi-fi capability, fast processing speed and great software programs enable me to get really creative. I am able to add music, videos, and websites to reports I give clients.

My consulting company does webinars to help business owners increase confidence, take action now, prepare business plans, develop strategic plans, and train employees. Every day I see new software programs, portable cameras, and other great tools that enable me to do more in more interesting ways. My latest camera, for instance, is smaller than a three-by-five card. I played with it on a recent trip to Orlando, Florida, and learned I could take panoramic shots, create cartoon photos, and a host of other fun things right inside the camera. Even more fun, I can send photos through wi-fi connections to my tablet, computer, or other devices.

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Technology enables me to write on paper and save those notes to my electronic devices so that I no longer have to be afraid to lose dozens of post-it notes. Fast internet connections enable me to communicate and work with peers across the country in real time to create wonderful and exciting projects. Indeed, much of modern technology is not to be feared, but to embraced and cherished for the options it gives us.

Adult coloring books are all the rage for stress relief and inspiring creativity. Did you know that many of the new tablet devices allow you to draw your own creations? Many of us finger painted as children. We liked getting our hands messy and creating things that we imagined. New tablet devices enable us to use our fingers to create works of art we can enjoy digitally or electronically. Tablet devices also have apps that make it seem as if you are playing the piano. Download one today and enjoy the fun of creating your own composition. There is something about creating a piece of art all your own.


Be brave, have some fun, try to find a new feature on your devices.

technology and creativity

If you really want to have some fun and excitement, start playing, literally play, with your devices. Look at all the built-in programs that you never use. See if any of them spur your imagination and make you want to do something new. That sound recorder app that you never use, try that for creating messages you an email to friends and family instead of the typical email or letter. The map program you normally only use when you use the GPS in your car, try giving it to one of your young children and getting them to plan a route to school, the market or a friend’s house. The weather app? Have you ever thought about using that to follow the weather at a dream location and then using the memo program to make pretend journal entries for a day in the life at that place?

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Technology can really be fun so, take out your devices and see what you are inspired to do. The question for you this terrific day is, what new fun thing are you going to try with your devices today?

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