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Technology Can Set You Free – Write Your Plans and Carry Them With You

It is terrific to know technology can set you free, so write down your plans and carry them with you. It is hard work developing a plan of action, to create a plan for how you will operate your business or your life. Creating a plan, especially if it is a SMART plan requires a lot of time, patience and attention to details. After going through all the work to create a plan and to get all the details just right, many plans still do not get accomplished. One reason for that is because once the planner creates the plan, she leaves it on her desk looking nice and neat. There are many uses that can be made from a created plan, but sitting on a desk looking cute, is not a good use for a well thought out plan.

Once upon a time, all our planning and organizing took place in cute paper day planners. I owned one and enjoyed the process of writing down my plans and moving my appointments and to-do list from one page to another. I received a great deal of satisfaction from looking at pages full of plans and completed items. As technology advanced and computer technology allowed for smaller and more portable devices I moved with technology and began using PDAs, then tablets and Smartphones.Instead of leaving your well thought out plan on your desk once it is finished, carry it around with you so that you can do something with it. If you leave your plans at home on your desk, when you think of an idea that makes your plan better or want to discuss it with a colleague you are forced to go from memory. Or worse than that, if your plan is on paper and on your desk, when you collaborate or add to it, you must add another piece of paper to your collection. On the other hand, if you have your plan stored electronically on your tablet or Smartphone, it is with you and you can amend, adjust and collaborate about the plan without concern for information being lost in translation or missing pieces of paper.Most entrepreneurs have tablets and Smartphones. These devices make it possible to carry around a significant amount of data. One of the pieces of data that should be carried around on your tablet and Smartphone is your business plan, personal plan and all other important plans. There are a myriad of reasons why your plans should be carried with you including the following the fact that carrying the plan will give you the ability to:
  • Work on plan no matter where you are
  • Amend the plan as needed
  • Review the plan on a regular basis
  • Share the plan with others
  • Collaborate with team members
So, if you have a plan you are working on or want to complete, take the time to make it electronic and add it to your tablet or Smartphone. Keep your plan with you to keep it flexible, available and usable.
In conclusion, it is terrific to know technology can set you free so write down your plans and carry them with you. So, the question for you this terrific day is, are you carrying your plans with you where they can do some good, or are you letting them sit on your desk?
Janeane Davis

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  • It's funny I bought a Frankin Covey planner back in February so I could be more productive. I thought if I had that I would be ...like a magic pair of glasses. I have yet to use it. It is much easier to add an item to my phone or on google's drive because that syncs with all of my devices so whichever I'm on ....my phone, my laptop or tablet, the information is the same on all devices. :)

    • Yes! I love the look and feel of the Franklin Covey paper planners, but it is so much easier to manage my things electronically and sync with the phone because that goes everywhere with me.

  • Planning such a vital part of success, thanks for pointing out how much more you can get done with a plan and thanks for reminding us to use our tools better.

  • I also make plans to clean and then it gets done. However, I'd rather write plans to not clean. ( : Great Post J!

    • I would love to make plans not to clean but with four kids, a husband, a cat and a dog I would be lost in the dust!

  • Great post! I am definitely well aware that I am way more productive when I actually write out a plan and execute it... this post is a good reminder! When I'm feeling really organized I'll even make a plan for what to clean in the house and I swear it works out so much better that way

    • I thought I was a nut, because I make a plan for cleaning the house and it works much better when I do.

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