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Technology is Fun – All Work and No Play is Boring


It is important to find a way to have fun things to do on a computer. There is more to life than workWe work to care for our families. Use your technology to have fun and a more balanced life.


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All work and no play makes you boring to your friends and family.


In my work as a writer, blogger, and business consultant, I use a computer, tablet, and smartphone. Technology is such a major part of my work, I find it hard to understand people who are afraid of technology and shout about avoiding screen time. Each day I created documents, spreadsheets, presentations, emails, social media posts and multi-media presentations. I do research via the internet. My to-do list, calendar, and time sheets are managed with technology rather than with pen and paper. For me, technology is serious business. My technology is great for work.




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At the same time, I recognize that technology can be and should be fun. On my devices, I have apps to read books, apps for magazine subscriptions and listen to audio books. I have apps to play word games, checkers, and chess. I have apps to listen to music, watch movies and look for fun activities. My technology is great for fun.


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Entrepreneurs sometimes have tunnel vision. It is not uncommon for an entrepreneur to spend every waking hour working – doing work, researching work, networking for work or thinking about work. When you are an entrepreneur trying to build, maintain or grow a business, work is important. At the same time, most entrepreneurs also have families and friends. Family and friends need, want and deserve time and attention.

Just as entrepreneurs spend time working and doing work-related activities, entrepreneurs need to spend time preparing for interactions with friends and family. Use your technology to stream television shows your family and friends watch. Use your technology to keep up with current events in the news. Use your technology to learn about things your family and friends care about. Believe it or not, the internet can actually be used to search for fun things and things other than your business interests.

So, the question for you today, are you ready to pick up your phone, grab the family and do something silly like the old Pokemon Go craze?

Janeane Davis

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  • I always try to make room for play time. It helps me to reset my brain.

  • I think that technology nowadays is our life. It becomes more and more important to all of us.

  • This is a cool and timely reminder to balance and to plan our life. Awesome post.

  • I am so bad at technology., My husband teases me all the time about it but without it these days life would be pretty dull!

  • I have a love hate relationship with technology. I hate how addicting it is but it's also incredibly helpful.

  • My work is centered around technology and social media. Thankfully I still find time to relax and play some mobile games.

    • I am in a similar position. I use technology a lot for work but I enjoy using the technology to play games and listen to books when the work day is done.

  • Technology is great for both work and play. You have to find the right balance. That's the ticket.

    • You are absolutely correct - it's all about finding the right balance.

  • I can't live without technology. It is very much a part of my life

    • You are correct. It is almost like saying - "I will live without electricity." lol

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