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Technology Tip – Use Your Phone as a Personal Organizer — 35 Comments

  1. Great suggestions! I love my paper planner, but you make very valid points as to the limitations. I need to figure out more ways to use my phone!!

  2. So many ways to use your phone. And it is so handy, can do almost anything!!! I like your tips here, reminds me that I can do more then my social media on it. Thanks

  3. I love my Planner . I use my phone/tablet to glance at things i’ve put into my Google calendar but overall I use my Planner more. i’m just a pen and paper kind of person 😉

  4. Honestly, I would be lost with out my phone. it s smarter than me! lol

  5. Oh my gosh, I don’t use my phone nearly to the extent that it could be! I’m still a big fan of pen and paper, I’d have to say … however, I have started to warm to the idea, especially since I realized using my smart phone is one of the easiest ways to upload photos for blog posts.

  6. My phone is my everything. I am trying to get more organized with it. Thanks for these doable tips!

  7. My phone is my go to. I use ot for everything and to keep track of everything.

  8. Great tip. It might be time for me to upgrade so I can get more done from my phone. Right now, I use it for social media (so that my computer stays focused on work) and as a timer for work sprints throughout the day. But clearly there is soooo much more!

  9. I would be lost without my phone. I keep everything on it, from work stuff to to-do lists to recipe ingredients.

  10. I need to use my phone more – I have got to get my calendar up and going for 2015

  11. It just makes good sense to utilize it to its fullest, right? I have a trac phone by choice, lol, but I know my older (grown) kids make very good use of all their phones can do.

  12. Love it! I have no idea what I would do without my phone! The world would come to an end, that’s for sure LOL I really love great apps that help me stay organized, and the color-coded calendar is a life-savior. And now, I have a “smart camera” and I love it!

  13. You can do SO much with your phone if you take advantage of it.

  14. I spend plenty of time using my phone and I still don’t use all of the features. There are some good apps I miss out on too.

  15. I love my phone and I do use it for everything. Grocery lists, meal planning, calendar, social media and blogging. Everything. Google knows my life so well.

  16. So far I can play games on my phone, take pictures and coupon. I haven’t figure out the email part or the calender part yet but I’m trying.

  17. I use my phone for sooo many things but do still make paper lists! I might give this a try though.

  18. I wish I used my smart phone the right way. I’m still writing things down on paper and making lists.

  19. Thank god for the smartphone! I too use it to organize everything in my life… I prefer to not have to remember anything, but let my handy calendar app remind me instead.

  20. Manage 5 different email accounts?! You’ve got my head spinning just thinking about that. Good thing you’re so organized with your smart phone.

  21. I manage 5 people’s schedules on my cell phone. Each kid is color coded, makes it easy just have to remember to look at it daily.

  22. I use my phone for just about everything. I’m still not sure that’s a good thing!

  23. Wonderful suggestions. I call my smart phone my second brain and use it for just about everything.

  24. Great tips and suggestions. I program a few of my things into my calendar but I could use this feature more often. Thank you for sharing.

  25. Great tips! I have a smart phone and still neglect to use half of the apps on it! If I would only make it a habit- I am sure my life would be easier! Thanks for sharing!

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