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Terrific Tuesday – How to Survive Your Computer Dying — 11 Comments

  1. I learned this the hard way and I hope no one else has to!! There is nothing like losing all your information and trying not to let your babies see you cry!

  2. Yikes. I needed this post last year sometime. Good info though *goes to back up files*

  3. Janeane, ur success story lies with ur bosom and that is ur heart. No one gives as freely as urself and not receive tenfold or more. I am here in any way that I can possibly be for u and ur family. Yes, it’s fb, but there r genuine ppl here that ask for nothing in return and freely share their knowledge like urself. Thank u for ur knowledge, it is priceless. Who I am as a human being and the checking of my creditials; theres a place that I want pp to go to checkout my credibility, and that is my place of worship. What is the reason for my even saying such a thing? Because what u see is genuine from me; many ppl pretend and r up to no good (wolves in sheep’s clothing). If ever that time should come, check out who I really am and receive my heart with comfort. My husband is cautiously out within the folds of society as a helpmate globally, and I am at home on the computer as cautiously as possible as a helpmate to whom I am blessed to meet. I want ur next endeavor to work for u and u not work for it. I am ur friend.

  4. Thanks for sharing! I too lost my hard drive in Nov. Sad day, but moving on. I hadn’t backed up in too many months to mention. I also have been meaning to get Evernote up and running so your blog is perfectly timed.

  5. It’s a a shame but I’d be lost without internet too. I was a mess when I was without internet for two days last week. It’s frustrating waiting on providers to get the service back up and running. Luckily I have a plan be. It’s just inconvenient.

  6. During Hurricane Sandy I had no internet for 26 hours. It was so horrible! But I cannot complain because so many people had it much worse.

  7. Just had my computer croak on me this past weekend. Thank goodness, I had backups or I would be toast, right now.

  8. So sorry to hear about your computer!! I don’t have a plan, but you just reminded me that I need to back things up on this computer. I usually transfer my pictures to shutterfly periodically, but I’m going to check out the skydrive. I hope the internet never goes away, or I’ll be completely lost! LOL!

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