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Raising the Bar with Continuing Education — 5 Comments

  1. Ms. Joy Chaser, I am sorry I did not include your alma mater, the fine Temple University. Thank you for adding to my post's accuracy by sharing that information. You are doing a lot of continued education without the exams. I guess there is proof I am crazy because I miss the homework and exams!

  2. What a shame you hit publish by accident befroe adding my school Temple University, to the list. I'm sure you'll fix that when you do your edits. 🙂 LOL

    This is a very resourceful post. My preferred methd of continuing educationis documentaries, listening to NPR on the radio, articles, and seminars. When I was in school I did not mind going to classes. But at this point in my life I have no desire for test and homework that comes with going back to school.

  3. I am glad the information here was useful to you. I love learning. My family laughs at me because I do calculus at home for fun.

  4. Great information! I keep up with my education by reading articles online, the newspaper, and by check out books at my local library! I never stop yearning to learn more and I know it will prove beneficial in the future. Thanks for sharing!

  5. i had no idea that so many universities offer courses on line for free I will be checking these out tonight THANKS!

    For languages to be learned I have been known to pick up a beginners CD and play it in the car on auto repeat. I am not sure how effective that is though :/

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