• Thu. Oct 21st, 2021

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The Election is Over, Life Isn’t

It is terrific to be able to discuss the election results sensibly.

Each Terrific Tuesday throughout the month of November will be dedicated to discussions of elections past and present. Last week was the first Terrific Tuesday of  November and I urged everyone, no matter who their candidate of choice, to go vote. Future Terrific Tuesdays will deal with a review the Al Gore/George Bush election and loot back at John Kerry’s political rally in Philadelphia when he was running for election.

photo credit: Tony Fischer Photography via photopin cc
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Last Tuesday was election day and Barack Obama was re-elected President of the United States of America. I am one of those crazy ultra left wing liberals people are warned about. Needless to say, I was pleased with the results of the election. What I have been less than please with is the levels of rudeness, discourtesy and disrespect I have seen from public officials, elected officials and people in various social media circles. Now, to be honest, I must admit I have laughed at some of the things I have heard from my side of the issue:

  • “We survived Bush, you will survive Obama.”
  • “Do you really believe that or is that just Republican math you do to make yourself feel better?”

While I found both those statements amusing, it is a long road from amusing to rude an disrespectful. Many of us work in office environments with other people who do not share our political and social opinions.  As professional people we have to learn a lesson my children all learned in kindergarten, sometimes you have to agree to disagree. Barack Obama won election for President of the United States, you did not. Similarly, Mitt Romney lost the election, you did not. You are involved only as much as any other citizen of the United States, its  commonwealths and territories. There is no rational reason for you go into the office and behave in an irrational or unprofessional manner because of the results of the election. Those cute little statements you make on social media of the silly pictures you share and comment on could have serious consequences well beyond election day.

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It is fine in a professional setting to express your opinion about the election results. It is not fine to sit at work and tell racist jokes, make sexist comments or statements that insult others based upon their sexuality. These behaviors can cost you your job, the respect of those around you and customers. No matter what your feelings are on the election results, you must show up like a grown up and talk as if you are a person who has good sense an wants to remain employed either by another or in your own business. So, the question for you this Terrific Tuesday is, how are you going to discuss the election results and remain a dignified, respectful person?