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Smart Phones – What to do When Yours Isn’t — 12 Comments

  1. Everyone laughs at us :Old Schoolers” until the internet goes down, there is a power outage or some other emergency. Stay old school!

  2. I admit that I do not back up my phone and computer files like I should–it’s something that I really need to start doing. But I am good at keeping a hard copy of everything–I’m very old-school! lol

  3. I know!!!! Google Calendar is an amazing tool. I just created a new calendar with it for my advertising work on my blog. I like having each area of life color coded to be readily identifiable.

  4. I backup my contacts with gmail, I use Google calendar so regardless of where I use it, phone, computer …etc it’s always there 🙂 I like the idea though of printing out a hard copy for safekeeping.

  5. Ms. Espi you are right, it is common sense, but we are all guilty of ignoring it and then crying when disasater strikes!

  6. Good tips! It sounds like common sense but we have come to rely way too heavily on technology these days. I can’t remember the last time I backed up my phone. It’s on my to-do list now.

  7. So relevant and needed reminder for us all. I do not do a weekly, but I do back up content at least twice a month. I incorporate using Dropbox into backing up photos, videos and docs from the phone.

  8. Of course you will cry, but then you have to do something! So good, get to the backing up!

  9. Christine, some of those lessons we learn the hard way, we really learn and do not forget!

  10. I don’t have a plan for the loss of my smart phone. If something happens to it, I will simply cry. That’s it. Tears. Seriously though, thanks for the reminder to back up my information. I need to get on that right away!

  11. I back up my phone to my computer about once every week or two. I’ve had my phone stolen before and hadn’t backed it up months before…not a good place to be.

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