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#Thankful4Savings and the Lowest Priced Unlimited Plans #ad — 33 Comments

  1. I was just talking to someone about good phone plans because they wanted to get their first ever plan. I totally forgot about Walmart and am going to mention it to them. This would be great for them.

  2. I used to have the Walmart family plan. We are actually in transition between companies and I was going to sign back up, but going through the phone unlocking and all wasn’t worth it. My kids also use way too much data. I can’t wait for them to get jobs and their own phone!

    Looks like you have a lot going on with your apps. I have the S5 and love it.

  3. That is a great review. I use my phone daily for many things as well. I should really like a look at the Samsung as I am not happy with my current phone.

  4. Wow, I had no idea that they had unlimited plans like these! This is great to know since my contract is almost up.

  5. I use my phone alarm to jolt my memory about so many things! What would I do without it? Ha!

  6. This is a wonderful plan! There are so many amazing smart phones available these days.

  7. It’s great to find deals on phone plans and I like what you’ve shared as I’m thinking of getting another phone.

  8. I am impressed with how many apps that are so useful on this phone. If I wasn’t so attached to my iphone I would switch.

  9. My mom recently switched to Walmart Family Mobile phone and the service has been great! Plus you can beat the monthly service price!

  10. My oldest switched to the Samsung Galaxy and he loves it. His wife is considering the switch now too.

  11. I actually got the plan for my youngest since he needed a new phone and he’s loving it. Can’t beat that price for a plan either.

  12. Thats funny that most of us now use these for grocery lists. I never write them with pen and paper anymore.

  13. I could really use a new phone, I’ve been without one for way too long!

  14. not quite familiar with android but this is very interesting, the most important is that you save more rather than spend

  15. I should use my phone for a lot more things,like scheduling etc. I’m glad to know this phone has so many options available.

  16. I have an S4 and I really need to utilize it’s capabilities more. Looks like you are really putting yours to work

  17. I want my hubby to get his plan. He talks very little on the phone but he does need a phone for emergencies.

  18. How did we ever function before the cell phone was invented? I’m amazed by all the things these little gadgets can do, and how they help us organize our lives!

  19. I need a new phone! My current one is dying and my plan sucks! way too much money!!! I use the alarm just like you for bus!! To funny!! This one looks great!

  20. Being able to set alarms like that would be great! We really need to think about this as we’ve got preteens!

  21. My kids are too young for phones. I wonder if this will still be around once they reach the “need a phone stage”?

  22. My oldest has a phone but I think she uses it mainly for texting and facebook.
    I am just starting to use mine to set alarms for other activities besides waking up.
    The day seems to get ahead of me and I forget I need to do things and they just don’t get done!

  23. I want to switch plans, but i am not sure yet, this seems ideal with 5 smart phones in the house.

  24. This sounds like a great plan! My oldest is away at college too and she sends so many texts – I need unlimited texting to talk to her.

  25. Well, I couldn’t live without my iPhone. Siri keeps me on track!

  26. I am still blown away by my coverage with WFM! I have 4G access in places where I didn’t with my $100+ a month contract plan! Crazy!

    LOL – your alerts at the top look just like mine! I love the S4- it’s amazing!

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