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I am Thankful For My Husband Today and Every Day


At Thanksgiving time, people all over America are listing all the things for which they are thankful. I am joining that group and stating that I am thankful today, as I am every day for my husband Darren. I met him when I was a pretty young girl of 19. All these years later, I am a pretty older thing at 54, and adore my husband who has been my best friend and my husband for the past 30 years.  

I am thankful for Darren for many reasons. One is because he used the best pickup line ever when he introduced himself to me back in college. That story was shared in a previous article,  part of which I will quote here:

The Communist Manifesto is one of my  favorite  books because when I was reading it as part of my college honor’s program I met my husband. I was sitting in a lounge area reading the book when my husband walked up  to me and said what to this date is the best pick up line ever, “Karl Marx was an idiot.”   Click here to read the rest of this sweet story. 

Let’s Hop a Plane to Vegas

Amazingly, I fell in love with Darren that day and had visions about us hopping a plane to Vegas and getting married. I didn’t care that we were both dating other people. Darren was a little slower than I and we remained strictly friends for two years. We dated for two years and then we got married, then 31 years went by and arrived at today.  I am thankful that he thought Marx was an idiot. I am thankful that he gave me the gift of his friendship. I am thankful he shared his life with me.

Over the past 30 years, we have experienced more things than I can list here. We have four children now, but once upon a time, we struggled with infertility. In one of our first apartments together on neighbor was a crazy old lady who screamed all the time. The other neighbor was part of a horrible rock band that practiced 18 hours a day.

You wake up suddenly, and you are an old married person.


In the beginning, we were college students. Now we are helping one child through grad school and getting ready to pay tuition for another to start college. Back when we first got together we were selfish and rolled out of the house to travel with no notice at all. Now it seems as if we need a strategic plan to get around the children’s schedules.

We have argued and we have made up. On many occasions, we have cried each other to sleep. We have nursed each other through illness and heartache. Through all the days, good and bad, I am grateful for my husband. His friendship, smile, and comfort are invaluable resources. 

There are always stories and controversies about the demise of the institution of marriage.  The stories say that women are nothing without husbands or that husbands are no longer needed. I don’t get involved with all those conversations. I love my husband, I am thankful for him. God has blessed us to live a wonderful life together. So today, as I am every day, I am thankful for my husband.

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I thank God for my husband because he has proven to be a treasure beyond measure. I like the fact that he sees what he does with our children as parenting and not as helping me out.  There is something wonderful about having a husband who is a best friend and partner in life.

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Janeane Davis

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  • How sweet! I know that I'd be completely, utterly lost without my husband.

  • I want to say that it makes me feel wonderful to read this. Not many these days love and appreciate their husbands as they should. There are so many that take advantage and not count their blessings. My husband is a gem. One of a kind and that makes him so special to me. We've not been married as long as you and your husband, but I feel the same way with him. :D

  • Great post! How wonderful that you have such a supportive husband. My husband is my rock, he believes in me and supports me and that has really helped me to follow my dreams and turn them into reality.

  • How sweet that after all these years, you're still thankful for your relationship. Not everyone can say that, unfortunately!

  • I am always thankful for my wonderful husband especially during the holiday season, he makes the holidays so much more special to share the time with the one true love of my life :)

    • You are right. There is something wonderful about having a good spouse around to help create good memories.

  • I too is always grateful that I have a good man and the love of my life.

    • Isn't it wonderful to have a good husband.

  • I love your love story with your husband, we are all fortunate to find the man that will be there for us no matter what.

  • LOL! Forgot to add: LOVE and so THANKFUL of my husband, too! I'm fortunate to have him and being understanding all the time.

    • You are right. A good husband is a treasure! I am glad you have one.

  • What a great post about your husband. I'm sure that he is one proud hubby having you as a wife and that, if he'll get a chance reading this post, he will love you more! :)

  • Congratulations! I am praying that we will reach 23 and more years of being together. I am thankful for my husband too and I love him so much! God bless your marriage!

    • Thank you for your kind words! God bless you and your marriage also.

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