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Three Simple Ways to Show Good Family Values — 23 Comments

  1. I love to reading this! It is important to teach good value to our kids, to inspire them to be better, wiser than us! Love your post!

  2. I agree. Your kids follow your lead. What do you show them? What do you watch and allow them to watch?

  3. You know, as a parent now I can look back and see how my parents raised me and we pick and choose what worked, what didn’t and adjust our parenting style to make sure our words are matching the message we are wanting to teach to our children.

  4. I love to reading this, it is important to teach good value to our kids

  5. Leading by example is so important. Good values (and manners) start at home. Great points!

  6. Acceptance and love for all is such a good philosophy – diversity makes the world go round.

  7. I like teaching the lessons during playtime because the children are relaxed, they have their guard down and are not expecting us to be actively teaching.

  8. YES!!! Stuff that money can buy is nice, but not as precious as time. My children prefer hugs and attention to gifts and those two things are always readily available!

  9. It is amazing what our children learn from just watching their parents live! I know we have to be deliberate about teaching lessons, but we also must watch what we do just walking and living.

  10. I love the idea of using both playtime and dinner time to teach some family values. We hadn’t tried using playtime like that!

  11. Love this post. My husband and I were just talking the other day that our kids are becoming spoiled and that we need to teach them more about empathy and appreciation.

  12. Such an important message. We teach in all we do, say and all we don’t say! Our kids see it all! Thanks for this reminder!

  13. Children live what they learn.. If good values are not taught at home .. they will get it elsewhere and it might not be good

  14. What a great contrast. I wonder what my kids would say about the differences in parties like this. I think teaching them simplicity and that “stuff” does not matter is super important.

  15. I really like that story. No matter how big or how small you go with parties, it shows when they’re done with heart and soul. Your daughters understood!

  16. My dad passed away this year, and so we’ve been reflecting a lot on my sister and my childhood. You know what? We had second-hand clothes, hand knitted toys and rarely a present between us. But mum and dad were always there for a fun day in the park or for bedtime stories and fun. I remember those memories more than anything else. Sounds like your kids will be doing the same as they grow up into caring, empathic adults. Good on you!

  17. This is such a simple concept, but one that gets pushed aside, lost in all the all-consuming must-haves. Setting a good example for our children, appreciating time, people, adventure for what it is and not expecting something else is a great way to teach values.

  18. Exactly! We have more fun when we’re out having a picnic or something than when we’re doing something that costs a ton of money!

  19. It’s important to teach good family values. When you teach them then your children pass them on to their kids and this starts a good family line.

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