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Three Things to Remember About Inspiration During Hard Times

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Sometimes life is hard, but so what! That is when you need inspiration to push forward. No matter how hard life is, you still have to live it. Find a source of inspiration even when things are hard.

Finding inspiration during hard times sometimes means being focused hard and fast on the big picture.

Hard times come and go. The problem is that hard times feel like they are going to last forever! It is like when you go for a massage or are watching a great movie. During those pleasurable things, time seems to speed up. The hour-long massage feels wonderful but like it was only 30 minutes. The great movie seems to be over in the blink of an eye. But, hard things like waiting to hear about the condition of a loved one who has been hurt or meetings to discuss business problems seem to last forever. During the bad times, the bad experience seems to last three or four times as long as the clock says has passed.

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During the hard times, you must constantly remind yourself that time is continuing to pass. You must remind yourself that an hour is still just 60 minutes long. When you are going through hard times, pay attention to the hard times so that you can do what you need to do to get through to the next  thing you will experience. At the same time, you must look at your big picture. Only you know what your big picture is and that it is not the current problem or difficulty. When you keep the big picture present in your mind it provides the encouragement, inspiration and motivation that you need to push forward towards success.

Sometimes when times are hard you have to encourage and inspire yourself.

Two of my children had the same kindergarten teacher. One of the first things she teaches her students each year is that the need to show themselves good friendship. This is an incredible lesson to learn as a child. People who show themselves good friendship are people who can inspire themselves. There will be times when no one around you believes in you or supports you. During those times, you still need to get things done. You still need to push forward towards the goal line. Learn to inspire yourself so that when times are hard and you have only yourself you can push forward and get things done.

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There are some people who are afraid to push forward. There are some people who are unable to get things done unless they have people behind them pushing them forward. These people are at a distinct disadvantage when those they have depended on for support are not longer around or no longer give them support. Take a look at your life. If you are a person who cannot push forward without the support and encouragement of others, take time today to find a way to inspire yourself. This is crucial if you are going to succeed in life.

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