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Three Things to Remember About Inspiration During Hard Times — 18 Comments

  1. These are great reminders for when going through a hard moment in life. Sometimes it fees like it wont end but it eventually will.

  2. Encouraging yourself can definitely be hard but there are ways that you can do it! I like to set small goals and work my way up so that the feeling of accomplishment is with me every step of the way.

  3. You can feel so swallowed up in the dark moments. Sometimes you have to REALLY try hard to remember it shall pass.

  4. No matter how hard life is, it’s always better than the alternatives. One of the best things my father taught me was that life isn’t always fair, but you can always try to better your situation.

  5. I’ve been through many hard times and I see myself now that it was already part of my past. Things will pass and you’ll never notice. Just be strong

  6. Life can be pretty overwhelming at times. I try to start everyday going over all the blessings in my life. It is a great way to start the day on a positive note.

  7. What a wonderful post. I think it can be very difficult when you’re going through a hard time. My husband and I can always work through the hard times together and help each other out with them.

  8. Hard times make us stronger & bring out our true character. Sounds silly but they are something to be thankful for.

  9. When we go through difficult times, we just pray to God to get us through it, to give us the endurance, strength, and courage we need. There will always be difficult times, but it will pass. It doesn’t last forever.

  10. What a perfectly timed piece. Hard times come to us all & any help we can find to get through is very welcome! Thank You so much.

  11. My husband and I have gone through some difficult things, but we always get through it together.

  12. Hubby and I fell on some majorly hard times a few years back and I have to say that it made us stronger as a couple. Surviving together, hand-in-hand was a big feat and I wouldn’t change a thing, it almost made us a better couple..

  13. These are great reminder and we should take these all to heart! I think when we are going through a hard time we need reminders like this so we can get through them.

  14. I always say that I am allowed my negative emotions in the moment but then I move on. As long as you don’t dwell on the bad all is well. I think a person needs to get the negative out to move forward.

  15. I put sticky notes up around my house with motivational words on them. That way, even though I may not “read” them, I SEE them every day, and it keeps me going!

  16. I’ve told my children that when things get really bad, take some time out to freak out. Immerse yourself in emotion for a specified period of time not to exceed 24 hours. Then it’s time to think and regroup.

  17. It’s not always easy to see the light at the end of the tunnel during hard times, but it’s definitely still there.

How do these ideas work in your world?

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