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Thrilling Thursday – I Give Myself Permission — 4 Comments

  1. DJrelAt7, Rachee and Ida Mae, as much as we all love our children and nieces and nephews, we cannot maintain our sanity if our children are around 24/7 and we get no break. My little Starbucks break each week for 2 hours keeps the sanity close by!

  2. Janeane, I am so glad that you wrote such a terrific post about something so important. While we all joke about it, breaks really do create a win-win situation. Even Oprah, who is not a parent herself, has often said that she recognizes that parenting is the most demanding job in the world, the highest calling. I have written many a blog post on my iPhone locked in the washroom just to have a few moments peace. Good for you for being a role model to other moms. By taking time to yourself, your kids benefit because you are likely more patient and energetic with a more balanced life. Suze Orman uses the oxygen mask analogy when speaking of finances, and it really applies to parenting too. You can't help others if you can't breathe yourself. Bravo.

  3. I love this!
    Far too often I have thought that I should spend every moment with my kid to prove how much I loved her. And the result was me wanting to run screaming from the room. Instead, I am going to give myself permission to allow us each to have free separate time.

  4. I do not have kids yet but I find myself doing this when I am watching my nieces and nephew for long periods of time. It is funny my very first blog post I write about hiding from them to write the post lol You might find it funny or not… But I pray for patience when it is time for me to get there with my own …

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