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Thrilling Thursday – Permission to Spend the day in Bed with a Good Book — 6 Comments

  1. Great post! It's always good to give yourself a mini vacation from all the hectic-ness of being a mother. Although I'm not a mother yet I have an idea of what it's like from witnessing all the things my mother deals with. Even though she says she's done having kids, she expresses her excitement about having grandchildren from my sister and I, after we get married of course! But I am glad that you take the time for yourself. I'm sure you deserve it!

  2. Thanks! As mothers, we have to give ourselves permission to be women. So many things in life are priorities and need our attention, but we have to take time, once in a while to do what we enjoy and teach our family to respect that time. We need to force ourselves to respect it also.

  3. Sounds absolutely heavenly. I have to learn to give myself permission to relax. By the time I got to page 25 I would start thinking about laundry, cooking, scouts any and every thing but myself. Great post.

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