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Thrilling Thursday Thinking Like There is No Box — 2 Comments

  1. Thank you for adding both your posts. I am a big believer in affirmations and have taught my children to wake up and say, ” I am ***. I am special, God loves me and I love me.” Our words have power and you have given us some tools to make that power grow.

  2. This is great stuff! Think like there is no box. Love it! I have posted two blog pieces above. The first one titled Visions of the Future come before You! is about affirmations and using visualization techniques in your lists, the post goes into detail and explains what I mean. The second post, A Glimpse into the Future…, takes the visualization technique of affirmations to another level, by taking that goal or dream and seeing it happen in your mind's eye. I would do this on occasion in my affirmations journal to give it some variety. It helps with pushing those walls of the box we tend to create and the goal is to eventually knock them down 🙂

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