• Thu. Dec 9th, 2021

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Use What You Know and Run a Business

Thrilling Thursday – it is thrilling to to be able to adjust your plans and do something new.


Each Thrilling Thursday for the past one and one hald months has been devoted to business plans and to creating and running your business plan.  This Thrilling Thursday is about what to do if life changes and you need to adjust your business plan. To help explore this topic in detail, I am recommending you read an e-book published by one of my friends from social media, Emmy award winning journalist Joyce Brewer. Her book, Use What You Know: A Businsess Idea Guide for Moms. 

Use What You Know
Use What You Know

Use What You Know is an e-book full of good advice and practical information from women in a variety of fields including journalism, education, art, business management and nursing.  What was particularly good about the book is the fact that women in a variety of fields told you who they were, who they are now, educational background and their current business venture. In addition, each woman gave at least two ideas for other businesses moms with similar background could do.  After the mini-biographies from the experts, there is a worksheet that will help you “Business-tize” your skills and use what you know to create a business.  In addition the book has a list of resources and recommended books to help you launch or run your business. In sum, Use What You Know  is a great book for moms who are looking to start businesses of their own.  I recommend it as a starting point for entrepreneurs to be.


It is thrilling to know you can start a business and be a good mom at the same time.  Check out Use What You Know today and start a new business tomorrow! Click this link and go get your copy now.