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It is Time to Spring – Take Action Now


Spring Into Action – Make One Improvement at Work


Most entrepreneurs have a long list of improvements needed for their businesses. Those lists get longer and longer with each day that passes. Sometimes it is overwhelming to admit just how much work is needed to keep a business up and running. For many people, when the list of improvements needed is too long it gets scary. Those people go from scared to paralyzed and then stay at paralyzed. It does not have to be that way. Imagine for an instant what things would be like if instead of acting scared and being overcome by paralysis, one chose to eat the elephant.

Think about the old riddle,

Question:          How do you eat an elephant

Answer:            One bite at a time

When you think about it, the riddle just makes sense. An elephant is a big thing, a giant thing, a thing way too big to think about eating. Just the thought of sitting down to eat an elephant is an overwhelming thing. However, if instead of looking at the whole elephant you look at the job of eating an elephant as just taking a bite, the task seems more manageable. A person can take a bite because a bite is not scary. A bite of chocolate makes you want more.

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Do It – Spring Into Action – Don’t Wait


Fear of failure is another thing that keeps many people from springing into action. Some people think if they do not try, but sit on the sidelines, they are not playing the game and therefore cannot lose. Don’t fall for this faulty way of thinking. Failing to take action now, even if it is because you are afraid to fail, is taking an action. Since you are taking action anyway, choose to take an action that gets you closer to achieving your goals.  You cannot let fear of failure control you. Instead of letting fear keep you from acting, do a worst case/best case scenario analysis. Imagine what is the worst thing that could happen if you spring into action. Then think of the best thing that could happen if you spring into action.

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Procrastination is easy. It seems like such a great thing to do. It is comfortable. If you want to succeed, move past your comfort level, spring forward and take action now. So, the question for you this wonderful day is, what do you need to spring into action and do today?

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