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Time to Take Action Now To Get Good Business Finances

Cash flow, in its most basic form, is the money that comes into and out of your business.
A balance sheet, in its most basic form, compares the assets and obligations of your business. In order to stay in business and be profitable, assets must outweigh liabilities. Assets include things like cash, real estate, equipment and money due to your company. Liabilities include things like payments due to others, and subscription expenses.
Accounts receivable, in their most basic form, are payments from others that are due to your business. You must keep track of your accounts payable and take special care to collect money that is due to your business in a timely manner.
Accounts payable, in their most basic form, are the payments that your business owe to others. In order for your business to have a good reputation and a good credit rating, you must make sure to pay your obligations as they come due.
It is important to pay attention to these items at all times. The numbers represented by these items should always be available in an entrepreneur’s mind. When you make decisions about whether to give an employee a raise, whether to purchase equipment and even which office supplies to buy and when you must keep these items in mind. Your finances should never be an afterthought. To the contrary, your finances should be at the forethought, an important factor in all your business decisions.
It is a magnificent time to take action now to get good business finances. So, the question or you this magnificent day is, do you have a plan for handling your business’ finances?

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Janeane Davis

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  • This is helpful for this time of year. I need to get clear on my finance plan.

  • You are right. It is so important to look over your finances and keep everything in check.

  • This is an excellent blog post. Too many businesses fail when they could have been successful for the simple reason of not having a balance sheet. Even if your business is really small, getting your business finances in order is very vital. http://www.sba.gov has an excellent business plan template that has a financial section. You can do cash flow statements, balance sheets, etc in a short amount of time using their templates

  • Thanks for these great tips. Sometimes I tend to let that side of my business slack

  • Great information. Thankfully my husband has our finances organized!

  • We are terrible with our finances! I have not even started on my business taxes and I only have a few days.

  • Janeane as I get my taxes together I know how important it is too pay attention to your business house in order. Thank you for sharing information.

  • Great Tips as always. I'm no longer scared to look at my account as i'm more organized and better with my cash

  • It feels so much less hectic when you have a system in place!

  • I am just starting into making money with my little blog business, thanks for the reminder!

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