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The Top 3 Times I Needed a Walgreens Healthcare Clinic — 75 Comments

  1. I love how you can avoid sitting in a waiting room when you’re sick with a Walgreens Healthcare Clinic by knowing the wait time before you get there. I hope you get to feeling better soon! #client

  2. Looks like walgren has taken care of many areas in your region with their clinics.

  3. I haven’t gone to the Walgreens yet but this is neat that they have a clinic to reduce ER costs. Hope your twins feel better from ear infection.

  4. You article for Walgreen’s Clinic’s comprehensive and complete. Readers could understood at once. Have this clinic for family use.

  5. I’ve hear this one in walgreens but never try yet.There are so many wall greens in my area Thanks for the great information.


  6. I have a walgreens in the next town over, but I never actually think to use them. I used to coupon there religiously, but as a clinic never crossed my mind.

  7. We don’t have one in our area but there is a closer one in Steubenville Ohio. I’ve only been there once , we bought something.

    I hope and pray that everyone is in full recovery by now.


  8. I am so sorry about all the sickness and stuff going on in the family. I hope and pray for everybody’s wellness. And yes, it is nice that there is a place like Walgreens where you can go to for your health product needs. Get well!

  9. It is nice to know that there is a Walgreen Clinic, never heard of it thanks for the info. Sometimes it is hard to schedule Dr. Appt this is a good alternative

  10. I know that feeling. I love using the Walgreen’s clinic because it fits into my life much more than a dr. office does for most things.

  11. I’m glad you are feeling better now. It’s great to know that there are reliable nearby clinics to look after us during those unfortunate days. Stay healthy and God bless.

  12. I didn’t know that walgreens had a clinic, this would have saved me from unnecessary discomfort as well. I will be taking note next time my doctor can’t get me in to see him.

  13. After a day and a half under that comforter, I am feeling better.

  14. My husband is doing much better now, we are very blessed.

  15. I am glad you haven’t needed the service. I am feeling better two days later!

  16. Exactly! After hours or on the weekend, these types of places are a life saver and so much less expensive than an ER when you need medical care urgently, but not an emergency doctor.

  17. I hope you stay healthy. I was curled up under that comforter miserable for a day and a half!

  18. Thanks for your good wishes. It is now two days later and I do feel better.

  19. I hope your eye infection gets better soon!

  20. I hope you feel better very soon, Janeane! We started the year off with the flu (all three of us!) and it was awful. We made several trips to Walgreens for supplies. It’s so wonderful that they offer a fast and inexpensive alternative to the doctor!

  21. I’m glad that they continue to offer their discounted services to the elderly and those in need… I wish all the other chains would follow suit.

  22. I should check outs here too it’s something that i would like to know since we have Walgreens in the area.

  23. It’s good to have a dependable healthcare service to go. Walgreens sounds like a great option for that!

  24. I didn’t know about Walgreens Healthcare Clinic until recently. I think it is a great option when you need help fast.

  25. Walgreen’s has saved the day quite a few times around here. It is always open 24/7 around her and that is what I like!

  26. Wow, if only, right??? I am glad everything is okay… I can’t imagine his blood sugar being so high… I love that Walgreens is now offering a clinic, I just can’t wait for our neighborhood Walgreens to open theirs… It will be a time-saver, for sure

  27. You know, I really love that they are available for chat and their customer service is great as well. It makes everything so much better, especially since most of the time you would need them is when you’re just not well. I’m glad they offer all these services.

  28. I need to drag my boyfriend for a visit! He is so stubborn and finds reasons not to go.

  29. Emergency room visits can be so expensive, it’s great that Walgreens offers these Health Clinics as low cost options for families.

  30. The Health Clinics are so affordable and a great service. My son just had an ear infection and we had to use Walgreen’s!

  31. I love that they offer all these services. So much quicker than he doctor.

  32. I have a Walgreens Healthcare Clinic near my home, but forget everytime it counts. Thank you for reminding me I don’t have to wait on my PCP to get quality medical attention.

  33. We don’t have a Walgreens Healthcare Clinic near us, but I HAVE used the services of their pharmacist to get a flu shot. Hope they expand the clinics to our area!

  34. Fortunately I haven’t needed this service yet. Both CVS and Walgreens (each about a mile away) offer this service. Yesterday I marched myself into my doctor and she told me I have a stomach flu (I’m feeling better today) and I was lucky that her clinic is blocks from my home. But if she weren’t available, yes, I’d go to Walgreens or CVS. I hope you feel better soon!

  35. It’s reassuring to know we have a Walgreens Healthcare Clinic nearby for when things like this come up. Hope you feel better soon!

  36. I am thankful that I have two Walgreens within a couple miles from my house. One is open 24 hours and comes in handy for those times when you need medicine in the middle of the night.

  37. I think this is such a good idea. I hope the flu leaves you soon, I know that’s no fun at all.

  38. I don’t have a Walgreens close to me but if I did this would be awesome to have.

  39. The Walgreens Clinics are so convenient! Plus, alot cheaper than an ER visit for something like an ear infection!

  40. This is a great option. It’s good to know I can run to Walgreens in case of a small emergency. It’s peace of mind cause our hospital is so far.

  41. We don’t have Walgreens in our area, but I hope you feel better ASAP! 🙁

  42. Walgreens health clinics are a great way to get help at a reasonable cost. Nice to be able to go to a clinic vrs the emergency room.

  43. Ugh! I have that problem too with my child’s pediatrician. They are always so busy and appointments are ages away. Thank goodness for Walgreens.

  44. I didn’t know Walgreens offered this service. It would make care and medication pick up convenient.

  45. So sorry your family is going through all of these health issues. I don’t think our Walgreens has a Healthcare Clinic, but I have filled prescriptions there also.

  46. I have not used their clinics but I get my prescriptions filled there.

  47. I have used their clinic before, I like how you can go while your regular physicians office is closed!

  48. I never knew that Walgreens had this service. I am definitely going to check it out when I stop by.

  49. I didn’t realize that the Walgreens Healthcare Clinic could help with so many things!

  50. Wow, I didn’t know the Walgreens Healthcare Clinic provided all those services. Good to learn, thanks. Hope you feel better soon.

  51. I haven’t used the Walgreens clinic yet. But I love our Walgreens. Just today, the pharmacist was so incredibly helpful, calling around to 5 different places to find someone who had my prescription in stock.

  52. Sorry to hear you had the flu. We have a Walgreens near our home, so we go there for all prescriptions.

  53. I hope you are feeling better soon! We haven’t had to use one but I’m always in Walgreens and I love that they have this option.

  54. I wish so badly that there was one of these near us! It certainly would help us so much! Sorry your feeling so yucky 🙁 Feel better soon!

  55. So sorry you got the flu. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that I don’t get it this season. I usually get a flu shot but didn’t this year. Feel better.

  56. Walgreens clinics are awesome. Feel better soon!

  57. I am so sorry that you got the flu! We have a Walgreens healthcare clinic in our neighborhood, it has really been a life saver!

  58. That’s awful that you got the flu before you could get in to get the shot. I’m so sorry! I hope you feel better soon, and Walgreens would definitely have helped out here!

  59. We don’t have a Walgreens nearby. but I wish we had a clinic! A funny thing, though- our pediatrician sent a note saying that they’d prefer that our kids NOT go to a clinic. I woudl certainly take one of my kids for something minor, tho.

  60. I love a quick care clinic for small problems. I hope our Walgreen’s gets one soon!

  61. I’m a big fan of the doc in the box. I had to go one day last year when I got the Flu and didn’t know it, despite having had my vitamins and other precautions.

  62. The Walgreens Healthcare Clinics are such a good idea to have been started. I’ve seen so many stories of people being helped by their services 🙂

  63. I think these health clinics are the wave of the future. You can just walk in and get a diagnosis instead of having to try to figure out a way to see your doctor. They’re great for acute care! I was just at one on Monday – I had a double eye infection!

  64. Our Walgreens doesn’t have a health care clinic in it, but I imagine it will get one soon to compete with our local CVS which does have a walk-in clinic. I much prefer these quick care clinics for minor issues. The wait is always way shorter than going to our family doctor and it’s less expensive too.

  65. Wow had no idea, thanks for sharing. i don’t think we have one near us but I am checking!

  66. We are lucky to have 3 Walgreens within a 10 block radius! I would much rather go to a Walgreens for any checkups or shots rather than have to sit in a Doctor’s waiting room full of sick people! (and I can do some shopping until it’s my turn!! Bonus!!)

  67. I had just found out a couple of weeks ago that Walgreens has a health care clinic. I think that is super since I only live 5 minutes from one.

  68. Awww such a sad picture of the sick patient! Glad you had a good experience there!

  69. Our closest Walgreen’s doesn’t have the healthcare clinic. I really hope it gets one soon, so we don’t always have to drive to the next city over for our doctor!

  70. We don’t have a Walgreens where I live in Canada. but we do have walk-in clinics and urgent care centres.

  71. Our Walgreens doesn’t have a clinic..yet. I am thinking they will at some point, luckily we have an urgent care we can use. However, we do use walgreens for getting better, OTC and prescription meds are easily picked up since they are just about 2 miles from us.

  72. I am so thankful that we have a Walgreens right next to our home that is 24 hours. I go there for everything whether it be the common cold or to fill my prescriptions. I have never used the clinic before but have browsed and noticed that they offer affordable immunizations.

  73. We have a bunch of CVS Minute Clinics around me, but our Walgreens hasn’t started this yet. I hope they do, though, because options are nice.

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