• Fri. Oct 15th, 2021

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Traveling with Kids – Bring Their Good Stuff


It is fantastic to travel with your kids and to survive the experience with a smile. Each summer children finish school for the year and parents travel for family vacations. For some families travel is a glorious experience, for others, it is a horrible experience that no one ever wants to repeat. This post will share some ideas on how to make your travel less onerous.

I am the mother of four children ages 23, 16, 12 and 12. In addition, I am work at home mom with a small business that needs my attention every day even during vacation. The biggest trick I ever learned for having a good travel experience with my children is to treat their play, the way I treat my job. In other words, bring the equipment needed to get the job done.

When our family drives on vacation my husband does all the driving. That means the rest of us are passengers and need something to do to pass the time. Of course you need to pack the clothes, toiletries, first aid kit and things of that nature. Those things are important, but for traveling with your kids, they are not the most important. When traveling with your kids, their fun stuff is the most important. So be sure to pack their tablets, hand-held video games, e-readers, chargers and rechargeable batteries. Be sure to have an emergency power charger like for your cell phone for each child.

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In addition, don’t forget low tech options. This includes pen, paper, crayons coloring books, construction paper. Playing cards, and trivia games are also great travel companions. All these options are great for traveling by car, plane and train. IN addition, once you get to your destination they are great to have at the hotel. If the weather doesn’t cooperate, all these items will help save your sanity if you are stuck in a hotel for days at a time. By packing all the toys, gadgets and fun things your children need, you can keep them occupied and happy while you travel. When it comes to travel, happy kids really does mean a happy life.



In conclusion, it is fantastic to travel with your kids and to survive the experience with a smile. So, the question for you this fantastic day is how do you survive traveling with your kids?