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Your Cell Phone Camera There are Some Great Things You Can Do With It — 10 Comments

  1. smart ideas for your camera! i didn’t think of these. definitely will take a pic of where i parked now!

  2. Such great ways to use your phone camera. This is such a great reminder that we have such a great tool on the palm of our hands!

  3. Oh these are great ideas, i’ve never actually kept my receipts. Should start doing them now!

  4. Great ideas. Yes who could have thought even some years ago how cell phone, esp smart phones, can change our lives. I have it evolve in more ways than one in front of my own eyes!

  5. I always forget where I parked my car when I leave it at the airport. I’m going to have to do this next time I fly!

  6. Oh yes! These are such great tips! I definitely use my phone to take pics of where I last parked, especially if I am in a huge parking lot! Plus the grocery list is definitely a must do!

  7. These are such original ideas! I need to start using it to remember parking spaces…I’ve forgotten where I’ve parked one too many times haha!

How do these ideas work in your world?

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