Find ways to use your technology to make life easier at home by using some tricks from work. Most people who have smart phones for work are used to using the phones to text and have video conferences.  The phones are seen as part of their lives and as a way to communicate better with everyone in the workplace. Those same communication, time-saving, and efficiency tools make life easier at home.

We live in a three-story house. When my oldest daughter is home from college she spends a lot of time when she is not out and about in her room. Before smart phones, we were forced to yell up the stairs or send one of her siblings up the steps to get her. It is a pain in the neck and LOUD. What we started doing is using our technology. Instead of sending a young sibling to get our oldest, we send a text message. She is 18 years old, so you know the phone is glued to her at all times!