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Use Your Technology in A New Way at Home — 26 Comments

  1. These are great tips! I already use my phone on some level to keep track of certain events, etc, but I definitely need to utilize it more and put some of the tips to good use!

  2. My kids are always texting me while they are home. I must admit that I do it as well. I also control our house alarm through my cell phone and love the convenience.

  3. My 15 yr old calls me from her phone (in the house), lol. I laughed at your daughter texting. 🙂

  4. It is amazing how much I use my phone. Hard to imagine life without it. It is funny how much we use our phones even in our house. Texting – Music – Reading – Game playing

  5. Ha! I like how you use your smartphones at home. I can only imagine how much easier it must be. My son is very young right now so I won’t be able to experience this benefit for a while, but I can see how I would have enjoyed this even when I was younger. 🙂

  6. Only in the last couple of years have I really gotten into using my phone more. Really starting to get into the swing of things now 😉

  7. I live by my Google calendar on my phone. I can add all of my work related events in one color and also have a shared calendar in another color for family events. As soon as an event, meeting, practice, or appointment is made, it goes into the family calendar.

  8. Yes, he does record his tattles! In all fairness, he does warn them in advance he is going to record them.

  9. I think that is hilarious that your son uses his phone to record the evidence against his sisters!!! I think kids should use technology as much as possible to make their lives better! It has made our lives so much better 🙂

  10. Oh my goodness. I did not even mention how many times I have called my teenager or my husband in a big store to find out where they were!

  11. Great ways to use the phones… I always seem to “get lost” in the stores and malls.

  12. It is nice to talk via phone rather than yelling. It makes life easier and less confusing.

  13. It is fun to use the cell phones at home. It also makes it easier to hear the children complain about each other.

  14. Yup we use our phones all the time in our house. Okay like A LOT! lol

  15. Lol…I am glued to my phone but not as bad as my oldest.
    Great way to communicate when your spread all over the house.
    I love to FaceTime with my oldest.. Freaks her out when I forgot a towel and I’m in the washroom! Lol

  16. That is so funny… my Inlaws live downstairs, yet we call them on their cells instead of going down there. HA! Makes life very easy

  17. We are staying with my grandpa for a couple of weeks and he calls us on our phone when we are upstairs instead of yelling. It’s funny!

  18. I am obsessed with my new iPhone6. I love having a phone that has a working battery, an awesome camera for photos and videos and is super reliable. LOVING IT.

  19. My family uses their cell phones to text each other from different rooms in their houses ALL the time! It’s good to use technology at home too.

How do these ideas work in your world?

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