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advocate for your kids  It is fantastic to know that you can use the skills you use at work to help your children succeed. Each day there are dozens and dozens of articles written about having it all and work-life balance. Many of those articles complain about how work interferes with home or home interferes with work. What if instead, some of those articles talked about some of the good things work has to offer your home life? 

People often think of lawyers when they hear the words advocate and advocacy. However, employees advocate and use advocacy skills to get through the day and accomplish the work mission. One thing that parents often do at work is advocate or fight for a position. It is an important part of getting things done. At work, one has to work to get one’s voice heard, to get one’s project approved or to get budget approval. Advocacy is an important tool that is used in almost every professional setting. advocate for your children's success www.



One of the most important things parents must do is advocate on behalf of their children. It is something that needs to be done. The problem is that many parents do not know that they should advocate for their children. Others know they should but do not know how. For this reason, I recently published a book called, “How to Advocate for Your Children to Succeed.” It gives advice on how to do this. The book explains what it means to advocate, how to do it, how to put together a team of advocates for your children and offers other reading material. If I say so myself, and I do, it is an excellent resource for parents.


This is just one example of how the skills one uses at work can directly help one’s home life. There are many others including:

  • Budgeting
  • Record keeping
  • Analysis
  • Report writing



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In conclusion, it is fantastic to know that you can use the skills you use at work to help your children succeed. So, the question for you this fantastic day is, what work skills help you do things better at home?

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29 thoughts on “Use Your Work Skills at Home – Advocate for Your Children”

  1. I worked for the second largest school district in the US for over 20 years. One of the first things I always told parents is that they are their children’s best advocates and they need to be assertive and take that job seriously.

  2. I think it’s wonderful that you’ve provided this resource for parents. No one’s got their corner like we do, it’s always great to learn new ways to keep that corner polished and looking good!

  3. This sounds like a great book. Although I am a teacher, I’d love to learn more about advocating for my boys. I teach high school and they are in elementary… it is quite different.

  4. I am a teacher, so patience is one skill that I have mastered in the classroom. However, it also serves me well at home. Living with three boys, one needs ALOT of patience. 🙂

  5. I like to have things organized and neat in the office and my kids are picking up on that and applying it to the toy room.

  6. “How to Advocate for Your Children’s Success.” sounds like a good read…perfect for my daughter. The book will make a great gift.

  7. We’ve been working on involving our son more in what we’re doing at home – whether it’s related to the house or to our work life. I don’t want him to NOT know what I do for a living. And I want him to learn basic skills. It’s up to me to teach him!

  8. There are quite a few work related concepts that can be applied to child rearing, but budgeting, time management, and interpersonal skills are three of the best.

  9. I learned to organize at work and though the outside of our home and SOME rooms in our home (hey I have kids!) are unorganized, I do a pretty good job of it!!

  10. When I volunteer at my children’s schools, I see a lot of parents who want to advocate but don’t know how. That is why I wrote the book. We all want to help our children, we just need the tools. I hope the book helps your daughter. Stop by and let me know how it works out.

  11. That is awesome! It is great to teach your kids lessons in the normal course of life. They seem to stick better that way.

  12. Oh goodness where do I begin! If I have a project at work due in two weeks I get it done in 1! I use this as an example when my girls have a school project due. Knock it out.

  13. Organizing things was something I learned when I used to work. You can take a lot of on the job skills and use them at home. You can adapt them to fit your lifestyle.

  14. What a great book and post! There are so many skills we can take from work and our every day lives to teach to our children.

  15. What a great post! This is all so true. I think being organized is a great work skill that is really needed at home to keep everything running smoothly for the kids.

  16. The good thing about my gig as a food blogger is that kiddo can take part in it by helping with the cooking. We tend to turn some of our cooking experiences into life learning lessons the way my mom did.

  17. I wish I would have known how to advocate for my Daughter when she was young. That was many years ago. Now, she has her own children so this book may help her.

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